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Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

It is entirely possible to shade your eyes and make them look good with smokey eyes. What you will need is to nicely blend your eyes nicely with the colour shades and then you present yourself in front of the others classically. That look of yours will make everyone fall for you and it will light out the radiant within you. Ishikka Jolly as the best party makes up artist in Gurgaon in this beauty blog of hers is going to describe  Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial in steps to make them more elegant and fabulous.

What you’ll actually need…

Check it out in this blog to understand further on what are the detailed equipment that you will need to choose so that you have the right tools for you to shade your eyes right away to make it look fabulous. So let us see what we got for you out here in this blog.

1. A brow filler.

2. A matte brown cream shadow.

3. A black pencil liner.

4. A shimmery black eyeshadow.

5. A matte brown eyeshadow.

6. A peachy beige eyeshadow.

7. Under eye concealer.

8. Mascara.

Easy steps to apply foundation for flawless look

Step by Step in Putting An Eye shadow For Making a Smokey Eye

 Let us see more in this blog on how to make your smokey eyes by choosing the right colour in perfect steps. So let us see more further in this blog.

 Step 1: First of all you will need a clean base, so what you will need is to apply a primer which will make your makeup stay longer and easier to blend the eyeshadow when applied. Then you will need a concealer to cover up the eye colour on the side of the eyelids to make it more even.

Step 2: Put on the perfect eye shadow whether you want it with black or brown colour by using a perfect blend brush, apply it to the outer corner and into the creases and blend it nicely.

Step 3: See that you blend it with the brush nicely so that there won’t be any harsh lines.

Step 4: If you think that the colour needs more intensity you can add more colour to it so that it will give you a perfect radiant to the eyes and the colour will pop up nicely.

Step 5: Now what you need is to apply a gel or a pencil liner as close to the lash line to make it look perfect.

Step 6: Smudge the color nicely so that it will blend perfectly with the existing eyeshadow.

 Step 7: If you really want an intense look for your eyes you can take the eyeliner and make sure you blend it perfectly.

 Step 8: The thing that you will need to understand is to blend it perfectly.

 Tips and Tricks That You Will Need To Know Before You Take A Step Further

The key that you need to know is to always keep the lash line dark with the eyeshadow. It will keep the makeup modern and really fresh. And yes keep it simple and do not add more and more colours as it will not give you that perfect shade. You will need to use a good brush to blend the color nicely and apply a concealer on the side to give it a perfect finish. And Yes if you find that you will need a more dark black color eyeshadow you can blend it nicely with the eyeliner.

 What Kind of Smokey eyes you would like to make it.

 There are lots of trends and techniques to apply the colour eyeshadow that is if you need a shimmery smoky eye you will lid up to your eyes by choosing the right colour shades, this will make your eyes look more intense and wide. The classy smoky eyes are done by using the eyeliner and giving a touch along the lower lash line and the long dramatic lashes that will keep your eyes looking bright and open. For the black smoky eyes, you will need to reach for the dark eyeshadow. Ishikka Jolly as one of the best party makeup artist in Gurgaon has given you a view of what is it all about and that you can make things go the right way by following certain steps which she has put for you in this blog. So see it and do follow our blog to get more tips.


How To Grow Eye Lashes Thicker And Longer

Keeping the longer eyelash by doing a false extension will make you look more glamorous. Ishikka Jolly one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon will flaunt you all with some tips on how well you can style your eyelash to make you look more detailed and awesome. You have to make sure that you do not apply so much of the eye products as it can damage and make your eyelash more brittle. So do take care of what you are going to introduce to your eyes as it can give you a bad result afterwards.

Naturally How To Make Your Eyelash Grow Long And Strong

Ishikka Jolly in her beauty blog today is going to give you details about how to grow your eyelash naturally by using certain products that will not hamper your eyes. So do check in the blog to know more further.

1. Try an eyelash enhancing serum that will make your eyelash grow longer, by applying the serum it will boost the length of your eyelash, and remember that once you will choose make sure that it does not cause any irritation as such.

2. Applying Vitamin E oil: The use of vitamin E will help to promote stronger and more moisturized eyelashes, it will promote hair growth as it is easily affordable you can buy it. It is even safe to ingest the oral supplement too which can boost your immune system as well.

3. Moisturize your eyelash with coconut oil: The use of coconut oil will not only strengthen the eyelash but it will produce effective moisture to your eyelashes. So how you are going to apply the coconut oil to your eyelash, you can keep a little bit on your hand and with your fingers, you can dip a little bit and apply it to your eyelashes.

4. You can use a lash boosting mascara; The use of the mascara will boost the growth of your eyelashes, it will improve the length of the eyelashes.

5. Use castor oil, so you use the cotton swab and brush it along the lash line. You can see the effectiveness of applying it within a week. So do follow these simple tips.

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Tips On Getting A Longer Eye Lashes

The first thing that you will need to follow while you have decided to put on the false eyelashes is to consider these important points. So let's see what are those that we got for you:

You can use the non-irritating eyelash enhancer that will transform your eyelash, it will free you from the harsh side effects of the lashes, it will make your eyelash become full and the length will be satisfactory to look at. You will need to stock up on the conditioning primer for your eyelashes as it protects your eyelash from getting damaged when you apply it will enhance the thickness of the eyelash and it promotes rich hydration that will optimize the growth of your eyelashes. If you think that you want a fake eyelash you should be careful of choosing it as because of applying the false eyelash you will need to apply glue so it is very necessary that you choose the best one a sit can ruin the whole eyelashes and it will become brittle and falls off sometimes. You can choose a waterproof mascara to volumize the growth of your eyelashes. And do remember to remove the false eyelash when you will go to bed as it can irritate your eyes and can lead to infections.

So do follow the tips and tricks that we got for you in this blog as it will prevent you from unwanted scenarios that can damage your eyelashes as well as your eyes too. Ishikka Jolly is one of the best makeup artists in Gurgaon as she adheres to all the tricks so in this blog she has described it perfectly for you all ladies out there that you should always remember that you should not use any product that is already cross an expiry date as it will cause a severe reaction and it might lead to an infection.


How To Get An Even Skin Tone

Getting an even skin tone is what everyone wants, it just takes the right product and skill to make it right. Getting an uneven skin tone means the overproduction of melanin which produces hyperpigmentation which can produce a bad shade. You will need to apply it in the right manner and for this Ishikka Jolly, one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon will describe to you more in detail the process of how to get things done easily. So do check more in this blog if you want to know more in detail and you will avoid having age spots, and blemishes that can ruin your looks.

 Why uneven skin tone and how we can prevent it?

There are many factors that can make your skin tone uneven and it will provide scar marks that will cause a problem for your looks, sun damage can produce skin discolouration, which can have a lasting effect. What you will need is to choose a product that can help your skin to become good and free from any damage. There are many factors that can damage your skin.

 a. Use of expiry date product can eventually hamper the skin and can produce blemishes and all.

b. Not using sunscreen can make your skin become dark and can produce more melanin.

c. The use of a product that does not suit your skin can make you become ageing.

d. When exposed to the pollution particles and gases from traffic-related air pollution that can cause dark spots.

e. If you do not get enough sleep this can cause a problem with the skin and there might be a dark circle.

Easy steps to apply foundation for flawless look

 How To Treat the Uneven Skin Tone

To treat the uneven skin tone, Ishikka Jolly- best makeup artist in Gurgaon is going to help you all out to treat your skin tone and to overcome pigmentation and all. So let us see more in this blog. Make sure to exfoliate and polish the skin, this will help to get rid of the dead skin and when you will apply the moisturize the skin it will work effectively. You should always try to moisturize the skin even if your skin is oily to prevent early ageing. Make sure to always use the SPF cream as it will protect from skin pigmentation and darken the skin.

 Steps To Get An Effective Skin Tone

You will need to follow the simple steps of how you can effectively make your skin tone evenly and so we will discuss more in detail in this blog.

 a. Use a Primer: Choose the right kind of primer that can help to create an even skin tone, by applying the primer you can get a good base on your skin which will prevent your makeup from fading fast. Use a gentle primer so that it will not affect your skin.

 b. Add the right colour corrector: So you will need to choose the right colour corrector that can cover your pigmentation and dark circles. The green colour helps to neutralize redness, the yellow mask will cover up the bluish spots.

 c. Apply a good foundation so that it will give a good finish to cover and give the natural skin tone.

 d. Conceal any remaining spot that matches your skin tone and texture and remember to use a makeup blender to give a good finish to your makeup.

 e. After all, you lock in the makeup with the setting spray so that it will last longer.

All the dark spots are almost not easy to just make fade away, they will need a good shade of concealer to cover up. Some dark spots are very stubborn to cover so you have to use a good colour shade to cover up and do not use products that are already expired so what you will need to do is to use selectively the products and do not mix many makeup products at once it will damage your skin and it will be hard for you to cover up the damage later on. When you will choose a product, you should not just select the product that irritates the skin, so wisely you should choose it.


How to cover up acne and blemishes with concealer

Concealers are skincare products where you can cover up blemishes and under-eye dark circles. Ishikka Jolly as the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, she is going to describe it more in this beauty blog on how you can choose the concealer depending on the shade of your skin tone to cover up those blemishes. So let us see further in this blog on what we got for you all so that you will be able to grasp the detailed steps on how to go about choosing the best concealer for your skin. 

Different Types of Concealer 

Ishikka Jolly in her beauty blog is going to list down how to go about choosing the different types of concealer like a pro to cover up the blemishes and acne for your skin.

a.  A Pencil Concealer: While applying the concealer, you would like to cover up even the minute portion in your skin so that you will want to look flawless every time you stand in front of the crowd. So you can pick up with the pencil concealer so that you will cover up all the minute details on your skin.

b. Choose the powder concealer: If you have oily skin, it is best to choose the powder concealer so that it can blend well and it will cover up seamlessly. So do choose a powder concealer for your oily skin so that you will have a finished look rather than looking worst ever.

 c. A Liquid concealer For a beginner if you want to choose the concealer to apply to your skin you better go with the liquid concealer as it adds a creamy lightweight texture. And it is very easy to apply without creating many problems too.

How to Get Dewy Skin Without Makeup

 How To Apply The Concealer?

First what you need to do is to wash your face properly with a face wash to wipe away all the dirt in your skin. Then after that, you can add a little bit of moisturizer and a layer of face primer so that the makeup will properly blend well on your skin. The next thing is you apply the concealer in a triangular manner in the bottom of your eyes and then blend it nicely with the makeup sponge. You target the small spots, pimple marks, the pigmentation. After you have applied the concealer on the areas where you cover up the pigmentation you can apply the foundation on top of it and last but not least you can apply the compact and then proceed with your eyes and lips to complete your makeup looks. 

Choosing the correct shades of concealer for your skin tone

What everything you need to know is all been written for you in this blog, so do read it with joy to open up the secret behind making you look fabulous with all the makeup tips we have noted it down in this blog. Let us see further what we have for you.

Orange color Concealer:  If you have any purple or blue tone under your eyes, the orange color will help to cover up the dark under-eye tone and it will give a good finish.

Green concealer: You can apply it if you have any redness or blemishes which you need to cover up, so go ahead and choose the green concealer for your skin tone.

Yellow concealer: This color if you have oily skin and you need to brighten up your face do pick up the yellow concealer for your skin tone.

Peach concealer: if you happen to have the blemish hues on your under-eye that is been caused by sun damage you can choose a peach concealer as it works best for any hyperpigmentation. So do see the color of your skin tone before you choose to buy any concealer for your skin. Pick up the right shades for your skin so it will blend nicely with the skin tone and it will make your skin look clear and flawless too.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Long-term use of make-up brushes is not safe for the skin so you will need to clean it up every now and then. Because if you keep using it, it will create an infection in your skin ad many skin problems might arise. Ishikka Jolly- Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog today is going to describe in step by step How to Clean Makeup Brushes and how often you should be cleaning, she is going to highlight some of the important tips for you all so that you will have a clear idea about it. So do read this blog to know more further in detail.


Step by Step On How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Here in this beauty blog, we are going to list down step by step for you all ladies out there to get a glimpse and do follow it so that you will have a safe make-up skincare routine. So let us see what we got for you.


The First Step is You will need to hand wash the brushes with an anti-bacterial soap or the silicone-free baby shampoo in lukewarm water. You will need to dip the brushes individually in the running water or else you can prepare the solutions in a bowl dip the brushes gently and rub with your fingers.


The Second Step is you will need to hold the brushes under the running water and see that all the soapy solutions are washed off ultimately. Hold it further for 2-3 seconds and swirl it nicely in a bowl so that it will dry off.


Thirdly what you all need to do is once you're done with it you will need to dry it in a towel nicely so that it won't spoil and don’t stack it on top of each other when you dry the brushes. Keep it separately neat and clean.


Why Do You Need To Wash The Make-Up Brushes?

It has been seen in many surveys that have been researched by many experts that they have found that 61% of the women are cleaning their make-up brushes once a month and 22% do not even clean it. Remember that if you do not clean the brushes you will have many skin infections afterward and not only that the colors that you are applying one after the other it won't produce nicely when applied to the skin. 


The three good reasons why you need to clean the makeup brushes is that. firstly is that dirty makeup brushes can wreak the skin by creating damage and produce skin irritations. Secondly, as discussed in this blog if you do not clean the makeup brushes it will not blend your makeup properly when applied. So do clean it properly. Third thing is that if you take proper care of the make-up brushes it will last longer and it won't be spoiled or damaged if kept properly.

Skincare tips by Best Party Makeup Artist Gurgaon


When To Wash The Makeup Brushes

Ishikka Jolly- Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog will be pinpoint when do you need to see the signs that you will need to clean the brushes. So if you have to use the make-up brushes that you do the makeup with powders then 1-2 times a week is adequate to wash the makeup brushes. Next is if you have used the Liquid makeup products so those brushes where you dip in the concealers or the foundations you will need to wash it daily. And yes for sponges you will need to wash it after every use so that they won't harbor the bacteria.


Take these pieces of information with you and start applying them so that you will not be prone to get any skin infections and yes if you find that the bristles are coming out after you have washed the brushes then it is time to replace them. Have a great and safer daily makeup routine with no hazards left behind. Follow the simple rules that you should use the product which have been kept for longer time otherwise you will have an infection in your skin . So do follow the simple rules so that you will have a perfect glow and you will look perfectly awesome .

How To Apply Blush On Your Face

Applying to makeup products like blush should depend on your face tone, the shape of your face. You will need to pick up colors that match your skin tone. Ishikka Jolly is one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog she is going to mention for you all in this blog on certain tips and tricks on how to apply the blush and help you all understand the basics about choosing the right type of blush depending on your skin tone.


Step By Step formula on how to apply the Blush

Ishikka Jolly is one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog she is going to list down step by step how you can apply the blush and how to choose about depending on your skin tone.


Step 1: Picking up the product which will work best for you: You have to quickly decide whether you will pick up the powder, gel, cream, liquid form of blush you want to apply for, if you have oily skin it is best to choose the powder form and for normal skin, you can choose the liquid form too is ok. 


Step 2: Finding up the perfect shades according to your skin tone: Once you have decided to pick up the product, the next is to know the shades depending on your skin tone. If your skin is fair then a cool pink is usually a great choice to pick up. Then for a medium skin tone, choose a neutral pink, if you happen to have olive skin, choose the peach or else the rose tone.


Step 3: Choosing the tools to apply your blush: Choosing a fluffy angled brush to apply the powder blush tends to look best when applied. If you happen to use the liquid one then you can even use your fingers to blend the product into your skin or you can use the makeup sponge to blend it nicely. 


Step 4: Remember to see the face shape when applying the blush: Check out your face shape while applying the blush that is if:


a. You have an Oval Face shape you will need to apply the blush on top of your cheekbones to lift it up.


b. You have a round shape apply it below the apples of the cheekbones and blend it with the brush or the sponge upwards.


c. You have a square face shape: You will need to apply it on your cheeks by adding more volume to it so that it will look more elegant.


d. You have a heart shape face: Try to apply the blush in a C shape manner going from the top of your cheeks to near to the eyebrows.


Ways That End You Up On Doing The Blush The Wrong Way

 While choosing to apply the blush you will need to see some of the important features that you might end up in doing the wrong thing. In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the important points on letting you know the ways that can end you up doing the blush wrongly.


You might have chosen the wrong color for your skin tone: Sometimes you might have chosen the blush that does not match your skin tone. The goal is to pick up the right shades, you might end up choosing a more bright color for a darker skin tone or you might choose a pale color for the lighter skin tone. So as to discuss in this blog you can go through it once again so that you will understand much better.


You might also end up choosing the wrong formula for your skin, so what you will need to do is decide properly what kind of product you will need to apply depending on your skin tone. You should see whether your skin is oily or you have dry skin and accordingly as discussed above in this blog you should be able to pick up the formula.

Skincare tips by Best Party Makeup Artist Gurgaon




Try to figure out the color shades for applying it on your skin as if you are not able to do so you will end up creating havoc and disaster for your makeup. So do remember the points that were discussed nicely in this blog and do check out the other blog of Ishikka Jolly if you want to know more about different beauty products.

Treating Redness On Your Face: Do’s And Don’t

The common problem for having redness on your face is dryness, sunburn, acne. any allergic contact dermatitis or maybe some problems Ishikka Jolly is the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, she is going to describe and pass the information to you all out there on how you can reduce the redness on your face by taking up some steps forward. So in this beauty blog, we are going to describe it in detail on using some home remedies to lessen down if you happen to have any redness or blemishes on your face.


Why does Redness appear on the Face?

Sometimes blushing is triggered by many causes. Suppose if you have stress or are angry on some points or you feel embarrassed it might trigger your emotions and this can make your face red. There are other causes too if maybe you have touched the menopause age where you start having hot flushes and all, other problems can be because that you are having eczema, it is a rash that often appears on the skin.


There are other conditions like Rosacea that make the blood vessels on your face more visible you will be having red bumps, dry eyes, swollen eyelids, and thickened skin on your nose. One might suffer from a skin dermatitis you might be having itching, swelling, blisters, and scaly skin which you will need to consult a dermatologist. 


How To Overcome this redness 

Ishikka Jolly in her beauty blog is going to help you out by putting some of the main points on how you can reduce the redness on your face by following a few steps. Let us see more further in this blog.


a. Using of a Cucumber Mask: Vegetables like cucumber have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that work for the skin. It contains 95% of the water and often it helps in reducing redness on the face when used. You can prepare the cucumber paste at your home by mixing it with a little bit of curd so that you will benefit a lot from it.


b. Reducing stress: You will need to reduce stress by diverting your mind to something that will relax your emotion. Incorporate the stress-relieving activity like practicing and getting enough sleep and doing some exercising or yoga too. 


c. Avoid food that can trigger your emotions: In order to reduce the redness, it is best to avoid some food that can trigger it like eating spicy foods and drinking drinks which is hot. Spices that include hot sauce, red pepper, and chili. Sao does avoid having certain foods like these.


d. The use of the Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera acts as a healing plant, the gel of the aloe vera acts as an anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant properties that allow the skin to heal properly. If there are any skin rashes with the use of the aloe vera gel it will reduce any inflammation and calm the redness on your face as well.


e. Using of Sunscreen: Due to the weather change, using sunscreen is best to reduce the redness on your face. So choose a good SPF where it will protect your skin from such redness on your face.


Natural Ways To Maintain Glowing Skin


When Will You Need To See The Dermatologist

Once you have redness problems on your face continuously and you feel that it is difficult to reduce it, it is best to go to the dermatologist. When you have observed that there is redness due to inflammation and it appears to be itchy even if you are using some skin treatment or home remedies, you will need to immediately go to the dermatologist to get it treated. Because if you try to use some chemical sunscreen to reduce the redness it can make your skin to be irritated. So do not opt to treat by yourself otherwise there might be scar marks where afterward it will not be removed. So do take care of yourself to prevent from any untoward reactions . Do see that the product that you are using is free from chemicals that can affect your skin condition and do not use the products that you have been keeping it for long as this will surely affect your skin.

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair?

Washing your hair will depend on the hair texture and washing it every day is not recommended. Ishikka Jolly is the best freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon she is going to describe more in detail how you can take care of your hair and when will you be needed to wash it. So shampooing your hair every day will not help as it can strip your hair and scalp which can cause frizz and can fade color very fast. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week is recommended on average. If you think that your hair is too thick and curly you will need to wash it 1-2 times a week.


How To Determine the hair type and how often should you wash?

To determine the hair types it means you should be able to understand the different qualities of your hair that include density, texture, the elasticity as well. Ishikka Jolly as the makeup artist in Gurgaon is going to help you all out by finding the solutions to determine what kind of hair types do you have so that you will be having a clear idea of what to do.


a. Determining the Hair density: So first what you need to do is to part your hair in the middle, you can use your fingers or the comb and separate it into sides, then hold a chunk of hair on one side of the part and estimate the hair density by seeing the strands of your hair, look at the roots and your scalp. If you have a thick density it means you will not be seeing your scalp, next is the medium density if you see some scalp, and yes the thin density if you see a lot of scalps.


b. Determining the Hair Texture: One idea we have for you is to compare your hair strands with the thread. So what you will need to do is to pull one strand of your hair from the middle of the scalp and then you put it in the white paper to compare it with the sewing thread and in this manner, you will be able to get a good idea of how your hair texture looks like. If your hair is thinner than the threaded piece then you can take it as thin hair. If your strands are of the same thickness as the sewing thread then you have medium hair and if the hair strands are much thicker than the piece of thread then you have thicker hair.


c. How To Determine The Porosity: So what you can do to determine this porosity of your hair is to wash first your hair and then gently squeeze the water from your hair by using a clean T-shirt or a micro towel, then you can feel your hair in your hands and if it doesn’t take for your hair to dry it means that it does not retain moisture, next is if it feels sticky as it takes longer time to dry then your hair is retaining more moisture.

 Aloe Vera for Face And Hair: Benefits and Side Effects

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair Considering All The Points


Depending on the hair texture, the thickness, the oily scalp, and all you will be needing to take into account on when frequently you can wash your hair. So let us discuss more further in this blog.


a. Depending on the type of hair, which means that if you happen to have straight and thin hair it will be needed to wash frequently as compared to the thick and curly hair as thin and straight hair tends to retain more sebum. Ad curly hair tends to be dry. But overwashing is not recommended especially with hard shampoos as it can damage the hair.


b. The use of heavy styling products, for this you will need to get rid of the chemicals when you use by washing the hair when you use it. And it is recommended that you should not use more often hair sprays and all as it can damage the hair.


c. If you tend to sweat more often as sweat can make your hair look very greasy and dirty depending on how your hair texture looks like you can wash your hair and remember to never use the products which irritate your scalp


Take Away: So do assess the condition of your hair before you wash it and it is always recommended to not use hard shampoos and do not shampoo your hair every day. Choose a product that suits you and which does not cause any complications afterward.

How To Apply Lipstick: Tips and Tricks

Choose between your eyes and mouth? Try to concentrate on one feature to give the  a time so that you will be able to look great without creating many hazards. Ishikka Jolly as one of the best freelance makeup artists in Gurgaon, will be discussing more on this beauty blog on certain tips and tricks on how to apply lipsticks and you don’t have to get fillers in your lips to make your lips more plumpy. To get your lips to look more plumpy just draw the lip liner outside the border of your lips and dab a bit of the gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and then you can smack the lips together to give a good finish. 


Step By Step: Tips and Tricks To Apply Lipsticks 

Let us begin by preparing you all on how to actually apply lipsticks by knowing certain methods. Ishikka Jollyy as one of the best freelance makeup artists in Gurgaon, will be helping you out in this blog to know better how to apply lipstick to give you that glam look.


Prep up Your Lips: You might not want to keep your lips dry right! You will be needing to exfoliate your lips before you start applying the lipstick. You will need to exfoliate with a toothbrush or you can use sugar and tomatoes mixed together so that your lips will be able to get that soft healthy-looking lips. So do choose properly the products which you are going to apply to your skin. 

1. Will need to apply a Base: If you want to apply a long-lasting lipstick what you will need to do is to apply a base before you apply the lipstick. Choose a concealer shade that matches the lip color and you will need to apply some compact over it to seal the base.


 2.Use a Lip Liner: To make your lip more defined, you will need to line up your lips to avoid being messy. You will need to use a good lip liner to reshape and to give a good contour to your lips. Shape your lips nicely and remember you should not use a color that is not matching with your skin.

Why you need to use lip liner


3. You can apply the Lipstick: Once you finish applying all the above steps, you fill up with lipstick. You can apply coat by coat to intensify the color on your lips. Ensure that you apply every corner of your lips to give it a good finish.


4.Give it a good Finish: Use a small concealer brush and work on the edges to correct the shapes of your lips. It will give a prominent outlook of your lip's color. 


How To Choose The Lip Colour For Your Lips


First and foremost it’s a key to identify the skin tone before you pick up the lip color. There are many colors to choose from to flaunt up your look. So in this blog, we are going to help all the ladies out there to pick up the color of the good shades that helps you to match with the skin tone. 


  1. Having The Cool Undertones: If you're having a cool-toned that is pink, red, or a bluish hue to your skin. The best lip color for you to pick up is blue or purple shades undertones. 
  2. For a warm undertone suppose, you can choose lipstick which is orange-red, brick red.
  3. For a neutral undertone try to go with pink color or berry shades.
  4. If you want to put on the dark lip color you can go with it, and even women with a lighter lip can pull off quite nicely.


Finish the color which suits your skin as it will look odd, and finish it with a little bit of concealer by smearing it well on the side on the outer lips to give it a good finish. To make your looks to be flawless do take time in choosing the right lipstick according to your skin tone.

Why you need to use lip liner

Lip  Liner is to lipstick what a primer is to a foundation so that you will end up making your makeup look more defined and flawless. Outlining the Lips with a color one shade darker than your natural lip color will make it look instantly fuller and more defined. Ishikka Jolly as one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon in this beauty blog she is going to describe more in detail the use of the Lip Liner when and how it should be applied and how to avoid choosing an undefined color that might make your mouth look crucial and you might end up looking more horrible.

 Use Of A Lip Liner : Pro Tips By Ishikka Jolly

Wanting your lips to look more defined? Do check this beauty blog as discussed by Ishikka Jolly as one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon. There are some key tips for applying the lip liner along with some fun tricks so that the application of the lip liner will look more natural and smooth.

 a. Prep Your Lips

                    The first thing you will need to do is to smoothen the skin tone of your lips and especially during winter you end up having chapped lips from time to time. You will need to exfoliate your lips to get rid of the excess dead cells and then after exfoliating you will need to apply the lip balm. If you have a lip mask at nighttime so that you can wake up in the morning to make your lips look super soft.

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 b. You will need to assess the Lip shape

                    One needs to properly assess the shape of the lip before applying the lip liner. Your bottom lips might look a little bit thicker than the upper lips, so do apply the lip liner accordingly to enhance your lip shape.

 c.  You can trace the lip so that you can apply the lip liner nicely

If suppose you want the upper lip to look more fuller you will need to trace nicely so that it will look more defined and it will look more realistic rather than giving an artificial look. And remember to line inside the lip line rather than outside the lip line. . It is best to choose a nude lip liner as it can give a great base to enhance your lips better.

 d. Applying The Lipstick

                    It should be kept in mind that the lip liner that is to be applied before applying the lipstick should be one step darker than the lipstick color that you want to apply. The lip color should be well balanced and it should not be that the lip will look more shabby, so enhance your lip with a good lip color.

 e. Start To Clean up the Edge of the Lip

                    Once you finish applying the lipstick and the lip liner, you can either use a concealer to clean the edges of the lips or blend it with the brush to highlight the lips. And you can also use a thin precise cotton swab and wipe off the excess color from the lips. 

 f.  Long Lasting Lipstick

                    Sometimes you might be in circumstances where your lipstick never lasts too long and it tends to fade away after some time. So one step you can follow before you apply the lip color is to completely fill your lip with a pencil before you apply the lipstick. It will hold the color longer than before.

 g.   Applying the shiny finish or the moisturize rich formula

                    To keep the color of the shiny lipstick more blended you can do one thing you can apply a natural rose-toned pencil to line your lips then dab it with a concealer all around the mouth and set it with a  loose finish powder before you apply the lipstick.

 As you have seen in this blog you can start following these tips so that you will give your look more adorable and smooth and make people notice you more too with that more defined finished look.