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Important Tips For Hiring Makeup Artist On Your Wedding

The idea of hiring a makeup artist is an important thing, so to find out the best makeup artist, we have given some researched tips and suggestions for you below.

Whether it is marriage or party, you will always need a makeup artist that will provide you the desired look.

A wedding is a special day when two souls marry each other and make promises to be liable for any circumstances. On this special day not only keeps matters for hospitality but also essential in terms of your beauty and makeup. Every bride wants to look amazing and fabulous on her wedding day, but a lot of things need to do before this moment appears. In this day booking the Bridal makeup artist in Delhi is the important part. In this blog, we will give you some tips that will help you to know how you can go searching for the best makeup artist / freelance makeup artist for your wedding makeup.

Examine Before Time:

Searching for the Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi is the most important point task for us before the wedding. As every cost at the period of your wedding has got a fixed budget, this also needs little focus. Look for an artist who not only provides the kind of makeup you are seeking but who comes under your budget. Their prices may vary as per their experience. So, keep all these things in mind during searching for an artist.

Examine Makeup Artist's Portfolios:

Our society is separated into two groups – some look for experience and some want expertise. I will not say you to select another one. In place of it, you need to get someone who has a mix of both. The best way to find out is to see their portfolios to collect information and make a decision on it. Allow their earlier work to give you a view on choosing the Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon.

Quality Makeup Products to Use:

Plenty of cosmetic products are available in the market and every makeup product gives different results. Another smart way to make sure whether a specific makeup artist will give the result that we are searching for or not is by focusing on the brand's products he or she is using. Branded products will indeed last for long hours rather than normal products.

Guidance on Diverse Makeup Approach:

Have you thought previously that what kind of makeup or makeover you desire for your marriage? A professional makeup artist in Gurgaon will help you to save money and time while seeking your look and give you useful tips to make it last. The way he or she will assist you to decide the look after keeping your dress, theme, venue, and jewelry in mind.

Take some time on the decision of getting a skillful and experienced Freelance makeup artist in Delhi. Once you are sure about your decision, get quick action to book over makeup charges. This is your marriage ceremony, so don't get stuck on limited expenses. Your wedding will complete in a day, but your wedding album will always remember able.

  • Best Makeup Price :

Bridal makeup prices starts from 15000/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories - lenses, hair extensions etc).

Party makeup prices starts from 4999/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories).

Top Bridal Trends for Upcoming Years

With every forthcoming year, the options of wearing makeup to create a new revolution where we run to set the latest trend in our favor. No wonder that every bride-to-be will estimate one or two months before from their wedding. The internet has huge sources for today's brides, right from getting beautiful bridal makeup to the amazing hairstyles. Therefore, you will not have to look anywhere else or ask somebody to help in getting ready for your wedding day.

Though plenty of ideas available online, but our ideas based on complete study will help you to get a unique look at your wedding 2020. Want to know what exactly is it –

Just Read Below:

The barely-there wedding looks:

The Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma started the year by wearing hardly her bride makeup throughout her wedding and stunned her fans by the light base with nude lips. Her makeup goes viral on the Internet and brides-to-be started to follow her and looking the same makeup as her. If you dare to shine in your skin then you can go for this super trending makeup look which will give you a fresh and cool look at your wedding. Fresh & unique makeup, elegant jewelry, and fabulous lehenga, what's more, you want to look different from others. It is a break from the traditional Bridal Makeup in Delhi which will not be a cup of tea for others.

Millennium Pink Makeup:

Pink is an ideal pick for every season and it is a massive hit between brides because they all love pink color. A grapefruit mixed with pink shade can make you a winning situation for you and make your groom wink. Maintain your base medium and highlight your lip with deep color pink shade lipstick to dress a trendy look. If you think to have a day wedding, this millennium pink makeup will provide you a unique makeover. Ask your Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi to build carefully to make you look light yet fuzzy. Connect your beautiful look with a pastel lehenga and flaunt it on your wedding ceremony.

Contemporary Makeup Look:

The brides of India are transforming into bolds and looking for such makeup that shows off modern look wrapped in traditional appearance. With Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, you can get the best appearance on it and will be suitable for dewy skin and metallic shades in changing the classic red lips and winged eye looks. A modern yet classic look that is what every Indian bride desires to add in their list and this artistic look will soothe your skin tone.

Soft Dewy Makeup

If you want to have a detailed and classic look, this soft dewy makeup will fit into your choice. A winged liner with dewy skin or dark pink lipstick with a simple look, there are many options to try. Combine your pastel bridal look with soft dewy makeup to maintain your real beauty. You can wear this look on your Sangeet function or as your Makeup Artist in Gurgaon, this wind looks for your reception party.

Party Makeup Packages

This makeup is very popular between brides as it provides a bold look. Smoky eye colored with subtle colors looks cool, new, different and highlights your best characteristics. If you are getting married in the summer season: bronze and pink colors will go with your picks. You can keep the lips and eye make-up color the same or choose a dark lip shade for a great bold bridal appearance. Look for Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon to get this trendy look.

Trends come and go, but the season for marriage forever remains, so paying the makeup packages prices according to the trends can be a smart idea.

Choose Queen's in Style makeup studio

Ishikka Jolly a celebrity the Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon who has dedicated a major portion of her while serving others and making them know what/how to wear makeup. Visit the studio and you will serve by the trendy bridal makeovers that will help you look special at your wedding.

  • Best Makeup Price :

Bridal makeup prices starts from 15000/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories - lenses, hair extensions etc).

Party makeup prices starts from 4999/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories).

Where To Get Stunning Party Makeup?

Party the word itself embraces a sense of fun, excitement, and happiness, so there is no need an introduction to defining because it can be only felt. It is just a way to enjoy your moment with your loved ones forgetting about everything. A cool breezy night calls for a stifling makeup that will present you look gorgeous. In this blog, we are adding some makeup tips of Ishikka Jolly know as Queen's in style is the excellent Party Makeup Artist in Delhi, which will be enough to leave those around you spell-bound.

A fun-loving evening entails a sumptuous look and whenever we speak regarding a party makeup, a subtle or smoky eye starts flashing in our mind. In subdued lights, you necessitate having mesmerizing eyes to go along with the event. Minimum makeup or makeup very intimate with your skin will be best to turn heads on. With dark and deep shades build a dramatic look to your eyes and let the rest plays around you. So, if you are looking to get a stunning party look, here is how you could create those killer look.

The Basics: Nominal

In basic, your skin should be cleansed, toned and moisturized earlier to using any makeup. If needed, scrub your face before using makeup. This will build a soft base to work on and later use foundation and primer on your eyelids. This will do the makeup stick to your skin for a long time.

Eyes: Smoky

You must follow the basics if you want to have smoky eyes. Apply the black eyeliner on your eyes to make uniform thickness. If you want to get a lavish look, pick the purple color for the best result. Now start blurring the eyeliner from top to bottom to create the eyelid darker, now brush a shimmery eyeshade around the top side of the eyelid and smear it again. This will make your tone soft and provide an easy look.

Lips: Intense

Normally people afraid to use dark color lipstick, but you should not. Clean your lips with a wet cloth to remove the dust and dry skin. Now take lip balm or moisturizer and apply it on your lip. With a lip pencil outline them perfectly. If you have a dark complexion, brown and golden shades will go perfectly. With a brush, cover your lips carefully in the borders created by lip pencil. Once your lips are completely highlighted, apply a little amount of lip gloss to polish and dazz.

Cheeks: Highlight

As discussed above, the makeup must focus on every part of your face. Purchase the ones with a soft and waterproof feature so that it could look soft on your cheek. Just use shades of blushers to highlight it. It is applied as a powder or cream which highlights your top cheekbones and brow bones.

Hair Style: Open & Curl

Party is a moment when you try to attract more and more impressions of others and in such when your makeup is completed, you will surely like to open your hair. One of the most amazing ideas to make yourself feel special is with a beautiful hairstyle to celebrate in. You should not be so experimental, so keep it simplistic yet sober to match party mood and dress.

Choose Queen's in Style makeup studio

Many of us don't know how exactly to get ready for the party. It is not a false impression that we normally feel, but it's a lack of knowledge that makes us stand out from the party-goers. No problem, you should not worry about it. Ishikka Jolly a celebrity Party Makeup Artist in Gurgaon who has given a major part of her life while helping others and making them know what/how to wear makeup. Visit the studio and you will come across some primary facts that will help you to do makeup like an expert.

Party Makeup Packages

We always offering the budget-friendly services so that you couldn't compromise when it comes to getting a beautiful makeup. We always intend to become the best Makeup Artist in Delhi and work hard to achieve it. Get a beautiful look and allow others to love you through our makeover.

  • Best Makeup Price :

Bridal makeup prices starts from 15000/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories - lenses, hair extensions etc).

Party makeup prices starts from 4999/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories).