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The Best Makeup Trends of 2022

The Best Makeup Trends of 2022

The year 2022 is the year of the two extreme looks that are the completely natural look and the no make-up look along with the extra colour eyeshadow. Ishikka Jolly is one of the best freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog, she is going to speculate on some of the important Best Makeup Trends 2022 to be followed that will match the outfit along with the makeup. The minimal natural makeup is the best makeup texture to be followed if you want that natural, makeup look.


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Ishikka Jolly is one of the best freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog she is going to highlight some of the trends and ideas on doing makeup so that you will be able to beautify and match accordingly.

  1. The Minimal Make-up look To Go With: The natural makeup look and the textures are the best makeup trends so far in summers 2022. Many people are looking at how to break the shells and express themselves naturally. The idea is to look natural without having any heavy layers of makeup. This will also bring confidence in the natural beauty and show yourself who you are.
  2. The Dark Lip Liner: Dark lip liner is becoming a trend nowadays in winter 2022. It boosts the look on your lips which enhances the beauty on your face too. But before you choose the lip liner make sure that it matches the lipstick which you are going to apply but is a little bit darker than that.
  3. The Colourful makeup look: The world of colourful makeup looks is a beautiful one for spring 2022. It covers everything and it also gives a glow to your face. It is one of the best makeup trends so far in 2022.
  4. The Red Lips Make-up: The red lips trend is made popular again as it gives a glowy face. If you are going to some big events then you can opt for the red lips which match your dashing clothes.
  5. The Laminated Brows: The bold brows trend is to lift your eyebrows so that they can show up against your real complexion. This will give you a fierce look that will last it all day long. What you will need to do is to brush your thick eyebrow and fill them so that they will give a dashing look.
  6. The Coloured Eyeliner: The hottest makeup trend to choose from right now is coloured eyeliner. The purple, blue, green, and pink shades are the beauty and when you apply them they give a glow to the face.
  7. The glowy makeup: You can get glowy makeup when you will start following a few steps like cleansing and exfoliating the skin with the use of the gentle product. This will make your pores clean so that they will get to absorb the moisturizer, serums, and the treatments taken accordingly.

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The Real-Time Fashionable Make-Up Trends

These makeup trends that have been discussed in this blog, are working on with every celebrity too. They are taking up these make-up tips to work out with their fashionable clothes as well. Gone were those days when you can concentrate only on one makeup tip, which is very boring otherwise. So boost up your self-confidence to make things work your way. You will see the change in your personality as well with every beauty trend you are going to follow up with.



Ishikka Jolly is one of the best freelance makes up artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog today, she has specified most of the major points for you ladies out there. You can start following it and use the beautiful colours to level up your self-confidence. You will see the outcome or the change in the way you take up things once you are into it. These trends of doing make-up will bring you real-time benefits along with the trending clothes that you are going to wear. So do check out the blog and go through it so that you will get a real-time idea of how to follow the trend.