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7 Beauty Tips that every Girl should Know!

 Every girl yearns for being beautiful and when you know things can never be impossible when you want it to be done. At the stage of being a Girl the hormones play a strange game with you and you will feel the weight of the world is on top of you. What can you do about it? There are solutions to every problem. Ishikka Jolly as the Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon, is here to recommend you with certain tips that you can really take into account and to follow it to effectively get that glamorous beautiful look.

 Watch-out beauty tips plans that every Girl should know

Every Girls out there aspires to polish up with the makeup game when it comes to making yourself beautiful. Apart from the make-up ideas, there are a few watch-out plans that one need to know. Let us see further notice on this blogs what we have for you.

 1. You need to hydrate yourself more :- Hydrating oneself means having a litre of water every day so that your skin becomes soft and smooth. You can start your day off with a cup of water as this will help your everyday looks go hydrated.

 2. Have a Proper Goodnight sleep :- This is the solution to every beauty hack that everyone should know. Without having proper sleep your skin will look tired and dehydrated, and you end up having dark circles around the eyes. So sleep is the best medicine for everything else.

 3. You need to splash an amount of water:- Drinking water only is not the watch-out plan to do. One needs to splash the amount of water on your face to get rid of that dirt that has accumulated on your skin and you will feel fresh too.

 4. Let the sunshine in- but yes not that much- The best thing is to apply that sunscreen on your face to avoid the skin being tan and dry. You can dab an amount of sunscreen with a good SPF on your skin.

 5. Keep things Simple:- What is this all about? You don’t need to complicate things here, what you need to make things simple and easy. Do not apply too much makeup on your face, that will ruin everything instead.

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 The 7 beauty tips for every girl that you should know:

1. Face makeup tips for girls- Don’t ever go to sleep with your make-up on as this will clog the pores and will hamper your skin and produce acne. Always remember to wash your face off with water.

 2. Lip care tip to get that glow, pinkish color :- What can be done here is to apply Vaseline on your lips every day before going to sleep . And, yes avoid applying lip products on your lips which are very harsh otherwise it will spoil your lips and it might turn purplish.

 3. Try using a homemade Face pack :- You can use a coconut face pack which can be prepared easily at home. Just look for the right content on the Internet and go preparing it.

 4. Avoid using Foundation to cover up the acne :- Many teenage girls try to cover up the acne with foundation, this is not good at all. If applied to the acne this will boost the size of the acne to increase.

 5. You need to take proper care of your hair- Hair is one that defines the beauty of every girl. Do not attempt to wash the hair every day otherwise that oil moisture will go away. You can use conditioner after applying shampoo to your hair.

6. Use hair color that will enhance your beauty:- Avoid hair color that will make you look older but when choosing a proper hair color you will look very beautiful as well.

 7. Supplement your diet with fruits and vegetables:- Choose a diet which can really help you out rather than having food with more carbs, then everything will be solved. Have fruits and vegetables that will really help your skin to be smooth and soft. So do follow these beauty tips to get the fabulous looks all the time.

How To Make Your Nails Grow Longer And Stronger

Every woman and girl would want their smooth shinning nails to be a part of their beauty setup. Some nails become brittle and weak, the problem is that it determines that one  might be anaemic or have a thyroid problem as well. And it might be the signs of dryness as one might polish it every day or overuse of water on their nails too. So it is vital to take special care of their nails as it is important to keep them healthy and strong. As nails is the very important part of the appearance when having brittle nails it can really disappoint oneself . Ishikka Jolly here as the best make-up artist in Gurgaon will be discussing more further on this blog on some healthy tips to make your nails look healthy and smoother.

 6 ways to make your nails grow longer and stronger:

Going natural is mid of an hour, you do not opt for a mixture of ingredients that are artificially made. So what one need to keep in mind is to moisturize and hydrate it properly as dryness can be one of the factor that can lead to having a brittle nails. So have a lots of water and apply nails oil enriched with Vitamin E that will help in strenghthening the nails.

 1. The use of Lemon Juice and olive oil:- Lemon juice acts as a natural remedial method to cure brittle nails. Olive oil has the natural tendency to penetrate the nail cuticles and repair them faster and lemon acts as a natural remedy to remove tan on your nails.

 2. Sea salt soak:-  The sea salt mix with warm water act as a natural remedy to effectively cure the nail which is subjective to brittle nails. The minerals help in rejuvenating the spoilt nails.

 3. Coconut oil: - A coconut oil with curry leaves is the ultimate solution for moisturizing the nails, what you need is to massage the nails with coconut oil which can improve blood circulation too.

 4. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar:- Nails soak in apple cider vinegar acts as a solution to the brittle nails which make the nail be stronger and thicker.

 5. The application of egg yolk and milk soak:-One of the factors that lead to brittle nails is the lack of protein and calcium. So why not give it a try, one can make a mixture from the two-ingredient and apply it to the skin and soak it in warm water.

 6. Applying a Petroleum jelly:- Petroleum jelly has always been the best friend for dry and brittle nails. So why not smearing some of it on your nails to make it smoother and softer.

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 What nail can actually signify that you have some symptoms of an Unhealthy nail

There are certain symptoms that can actually show that your nails are really unhealthy, the nails will become red it might show a sign of heart disease and if the redness extends to the cuticle it may show symptoms of Systemic Lupus. If the nails turn white it might show symptoms of heart disease. If the nails are overgrown then it can show symptoms of fungal nail infections.

 Certain tips to get the stronger nails and to prevent from further breakage

 Ishikka Jolly  as the best make-up artist in Gurgaon  recommend you a few tips on how to prevent nail breakage and make it looks stronger , so let us see further in the descriptions below

·         One needs to stay away from a nail polish remover.

·         Need to take vitamin supplements.

·         Protect nails from water.

·         Take a healthy diet by having a diet rich in vitamin A, B, C, D, and E along with folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc, and biotin.

·      If your stepping out on a cold winter evening do wear gloves to prevent the nails  from getting dry.

·      It is recommended to avoid regular manicures by having filed the nails everytime ,it might cause more damage and can cause your nails to become brittle and worsen them further.  So do follow these simple hacks to prevent your nails from being brittle and to make it more stronger and healthier.

Prep your Skin before Applying Make-up

The  most important part to focus on while prep the skin is to clean the face, exfoliate and moisturize the skin to help remove dirt, excess oil, and another impurity. These 3 steps will create a smoother canvas to work with and in turn, will leave the make- up look natural and it will definitely be worth it. So prepping is the most important step before applying any makeup product. Ishikka Jolly- Makeup Artist in Gurgaon has a beauty tip to share with you all on prepping the skin before you put any of the make-up on.  So let see further on this blog.

 Cleanse the Face

             Before putting on any make–up, it is best to just cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser before applying any make –up as this will remove the excess oils and dirt without irritating the skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to keep away from cleansers that include glycolic acid as it may induce redness and irritation. Further, one can look for a Ph- balanced cleanser, the lower the pH the more acidic it is. If you have acne-prone skin look for a cleanser that is slightly more acidic as it will help to clear the bacteria. These steps will ensure that your make-up goes on evenly and stays throughout the day. This is the best thing to prep the skin before applying any make-up.

 Icing with the ice cube

             So you might think how weird it is to start with but this will really help in reducing the swollen face and what one needs to do is to put the Ice cube on the cloth and fold it nicely and tap it nicely on the area of your face to produce effective blood circulation to the face, reducing pores, and yes of course to eliminate Puffy eyes, this makeup tips will also create a smoother canvas for the foundation.

 Hydrating Skin with the cream

             Once it’s done with Icing on your face, it’s time to hydrate it with the moisturizer. A good moisturizer will brighten up the skin and makes the foundation and concealer application much easier and help it stays more longer.

 Exfoliating the Skin

             Next is to exfoliate the skin, what you need to do here is to choose a daily exfoliator scrub with tiny granules, don’t go with the rough and irregular ingredients as it could tear your skin and make it excessively dry. Then after exfoliating the skin clean well with lukewarm water so that the makeup does not thicken when applied and Yes! Do not forget to exfoliate the neck.

 Why primer is needed

            Applying primer on the face will not only add smoothness to the face but will also help in filling in any creases or large pores. It blurs out the blemishes and adds extra moisture to the skin where it helps repel the water so that any make–up that layered on top looks perfect all day through hot or cold temperatures. Applying a Primer will not only give an effective makeup look it will also make it long-lasting so don’t skip this step if you want flawless gorgeous looks. 

Scrub the Lips

            Want your lips to look softer and smoother, you can scrub the lips with sugar, cinnamon, or toothbrush and apply an emollient as you can apply raw honey, oil so as to make your lips looks smoother. This is the preparation one needs to do for the lips before applying any lipstick on your lips.

 Using of an Eye Cream: Applying an eye cream will help in adding a touch of luminosity before applying primer or any makeup for the eyes. So better to prepare for a better outlook when you have figure out to have a long-lasting make –up.

 Nice Massage on the Face: This will effectively boost out blood circulation and will make the skin look more radiant and effective. Massage in the circular motion around the area of the face will also help to lift and tone the face. So you can pamper yourself too in the Spa at least once or twice if you want to get that radiant look. This will effectively boost up the skin while preparing it before applying any make-up.

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Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep with Your Makeup

Some might be too busy with the schedule that you end up coming home and with your make-up on, you tend to fall asleep. So this is the wrong thing that you’re doing. So don’t be too lazy just to wipe away those make–up as to remind you if you’re putting on your make–up and you’re going to sleep with that it will certainly ruin your skin and will be prone to breakage and acne-prone skin. Ishikka Jolly describes few points here that cleansing the face every night before going to sleep will nourish the skin and keep it healthy and if you are too lazy to wash your face just reach out to the cleanser to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. So let see further on this blog how you should keep in mind removing the make-up before going to sleep.

 Produce Dull skin

             Everyone wants the skin to look healthy and fresh. So if you are making a habit by sleeping with your makeup on, one might ruin the skin texture. Clogged pores and blackheads might form when dead skin cells, oils and make–up are trapped in the pores and can suffocate the skin.  So it can lead to acne breakout which may make your skin look dull and can also produce acne. With the make-up on the whole night, it will break the skin texture and you will be prone to get acne. If you are not prone to get one but with this habit, you will be getting it soon, so better wash your face before going to bed.

 Produce brittle eyelashes

             Sleeping with the Mascara and the Eyeliner on will cause eyelashes to break off easily. So it is important that you remove the make-up before going to sleep. Use a gentle make–up remover that is oil-free and has no greasy formula. Lashes protect our eyeballs from dust, so if we don’t clean the eye properly it may trigger more debris mix up with makeup and it will trigger the immune response to kick into the fight off for possible infections. To cleanse off the makeup before sleeping and you will be thankful for yourself at last by doing or following these steps.

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 Speeding up aging

            If one sleeps with the make–up on, remember this it will speed up the aging process and the collagen might break down, it will create more fine lines and wrinkles to the skin. So if one doesn’t want to speed up the aging process faster remember this simple step is to clean the face before going to sleep every day when you put on your make–up.

 Eye’s will be inflamed and the skin will produce irritation

            So by sleeping with your make–up on it will produce a harmful pathogen that can result in inflammation and infections. So a daily cleansing routine is the need of an hour. If you have delicate skin it will be more vulnerable to infection, this can produce allergic and irritant contact dermatitis of the skin which will end up giving red, itchy, and flaky patches. The only solution is to nicely cleanse the area around the face as during sleeping the skin cell is regenerating and it repairs the damaged skin but if your make-up is on it will block the process.

 Chapped Lips

            Sadly if you leave the lipstick longer it will result in dryness and chapping of the lips. So better to clean off the lipstick before sleeping and apply a lip balm instead.

 Your Bringing Pollution to your Bed

            All-day long you have been working with the pollution around the environment. Particles from the car exhaust, smoke, industrial pollution. All these add bad flavors to your skin and will gather around the skin, if you don’t get them off your skin will be stress out and makeup can absorb all of these particles. So the best way is to wash your pretty face before going to bed and remember not to sleep with your make-up on.

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How to get glowing skin naturally at home

Having been stuck at your home during the quarantine or Lockdown! And your skin might become dull and has lost all that freshness. So how can you help yourself to regain back that flawless and dewy looks like before? . As Beauty Parlours around your areas are fully closed down and you might be thinking where can you get that regular skin treatment again. Ishikka Jolly (Professional Makeup Artist in Gurgaon) here has listed certain tips for you, on how to bring back that Glowy skin on your face again. So, let’s see what is listed down in this blog.

Certain Tips on How to Get Back that Dewy skin Like before

To help your skin to regain back that Gorgeous, glossy, smooth look and to understand how to take care of your skin at home, here we’re listing down what you need to do if you are stuck indoors at your home.

1. Focus more on hydrating and moisturizing your skin

                          One needs to properly hydrate your skin by having enough fluids at home because your skin might look dull and dry and the only solution is to hydrate your skin. Next, is about moisturizing your skin, so choose the best lotions which suit your skin or one can use homemade available olive oils, coconut oils, or honey instead of using heavy creams alone as using the oils will keep the skin plump and hydrated. What one needs to do is apply a little bit of the olive oil to your face, hands, and feet and incorporate with layers of skincare

 2. Wash your Face

                          Even though you are stuck at home and have not been exposed to the environment so what you need to do is to wash your face to avoid built-up oils, debris, dead skin which might lead to the break out of the skin. So do follow these simple tips.

 3. Have a proper Diet

                          Choosing a proper diet is more essential.  Diet should contain vegetables, fruits and yes with a proper 7-8 hours of sleep all the problems will be solved. Avoid having too much caffeine and a carbohydrate-rich diet. Focus on hydrating your skin more instead otherwise it can change the ability of the body to detoxify our body and it will create inflammations in the body.

 4. Home Based Preparation to treat your skin at home

                              You can prepare a home base face mask and the ingredients for exfoliating the skin. If you really want your skin to glow and yes it is possible to make your skin glow even if you are stuck indoors. So what you need to do is to combine plain Yogurt and raw honey, apply it on the face to gently slough off old skin, and leave the skin glowy, soft, and hydrated. After 15 mins gently wash the face with lukewarm water and yes once you wake up in the morning just gently scrub with coconut oil which is easily available.

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5. You need to shower

                          Don’t choose for a very long hot shower as this will spoil the outlook of your skin and it may look dry. So a short tepid shower will be most suitable. And yes use a deeply hydrating body lotion or oil immediately after the shower.

 6. A Make - up if you need it to make your skin more awake

              Just to make your skin feels more awake you can add a little bit of makeup to your face. You can apply a concealer, blush, and Mascara and apply a little bit of lip balm or lipstick. This will make you feel more freshen up and not look dull. Moisturize the skin before applying the makeup every time, as this will bring smoothness to the skin.

 7. Explore and test the skin products before applying

                         As you have taken a break from all those products which you have used before. So, once you have figured out to use the product, do test it first before you apply it to your skin. So, as we have seen in this blog all the tips to make your skin glowy even on the saddest, not happening days. Just follow these simple tips from Professional Makeup Artist in Gurgaon to look good every time from now on.

Eye shadow Beauty Hacks For your beautiful Eyes


Many of the women’s, girls out there you might be wanting to look good every time and to prep your looks, to make more elegant and to flaunt your gorgeous looking style to everyone indeed. Putting an eyeshadow it might seems to get a little bit tricky but with practice everything will be perfect. “As the saying says Practice always makes everyone perfect”. By applying the eye shadow perfectly your eyes will look a little bigger, more lifted and youthful as well and whoever will be looking at you will never take their eyes off from you. That much it can make everything look awesome. Ishikka Jolly is Freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon who can reach who give you the best tips like never before. So do reach out to us for whatever you need guidance for related with the makeup tips for you. 


Certain tips that you can make your eye shadow go WOW!

Before we start lifting the eye shadow blending brush, the first thing we need to do is to prime and prep the eyelid to ensure that the color of the eye shadow will last long. Here are certain tips for you.


Apply a primer: - There are lots of primer product that are available in the market. The use of these primer is to make your eye shadow last longer.


For your oily skin: - if the portion of the eye is a little bit oily, all you need is to apply a little bit of foundation before you actually put the eyeshadow on your eyes.


Make the pigment of the eyeshadow look bright: - So how can you do that, one can apply a light color concealer or a white eyeshadow, this will ensure a maximum pigment on the eyeshadow to pop up and will make your eyes look bright.


You need to select a perfect eyeshadow to apply it on your eye: - Once you have decided to put the eyeshadow to your eyes you need to dap the excess amount once you take it out from the container and then apply it on to your eyes. You should remember this that you need to finish putting the eye shadow on your eyes first because a drip of that color on your face will ruin your makeup on your face as well.


Finding the right colour and the right tool to apply on:- You need to pick up colors that really suit you with the colour dresses that you’re wearing. Picking up any colour just like that will make your looks go devastating. And yes choosing the right kind of brush will blend out the colour nicely and accurately as well.


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Do not forget the lower eye line: - After applying the eyeshadow on your eyes you need to see the inner eye line is also done by using a bigger eyeliner to complete the look.


You can use the wet brush to intensify the eyeshadow colour: - If you’re planning to shimmer your eyes to look gorgeous enough once you take out the brush from the container after dipping in the shimmering colour spray the brush with water and you can blend it nicely on to your eyes to make your eyeshadow looks good and gorgeous.


A setting spray: - After everything is done and set up, all you need is a setting spray to set the colour perfectly.


Remember to finish your eye make up with a Mascara and wipe of the excess colour from your eyes to make it look clean and perfect. We at Queen’s in style we can serve you right if you really need our help with all of these, Ishikka Jolly Freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon who can always help you out with this. Do reach out to us at our website.


One need to avoid the certain mistake to prevent your eyeshadow looks worst. What you need to do is you need to see the shape of your eyes and avoid playing with excess colour because it can make everything look worst ever. If you need a little help we are there for you, Ishikka jolly Freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon who can help you out.

Ways to reduce Premature Skin Aging

Everyone of us have to pass on through the stage of Premature Skin Aging  where you can see fine lines on the skin that is appearing. But yes, we can delay these signs from appearing it faster on your face. Curious to really know how? Let’s pave our way deep in this blog to see more on what do we actually have for you. We at Queen’s in Style we have the Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon who can really give you tips and to help you out with giving solutions on all of these Premature Skin Aging delaying process, so reach out to us and yes with all the positive attitude you will really make it through whatever you want and nothing can be impossible.


You might be wondering on what are the Ways to reduce Premature Skin Aging! So really it can slow down? Let’s check it out then!

Medically if we check the process on how aging start, we will find that because of the various factor that can contribute like the release of stress enzymes, glycation, and the process of mutation all of these factors contribute to aging. However, we at Queen’s in Style we are going to list down some natural anti- aging remedies tips to help it out on delaying the aging process. Here were listing down.

·      The use of Honey- Applying honey on the skin will help in repairing the damage cause by the free radicals and will surely help in rejuvenating the skin further. It provides moisturization to your skin and can slow down wrinkles and formation of lines. One need to apply on alternate days.

·      Application of an Egg Face Pack- An egg white is the powerhouse of anti-aging as it contains agents like the omega-2 fatty acids, protein and zinc which will give you the solutions to aging. It helps in tighten the skin damage and make you look flawless as well. All you need is 1 egg white, half tea spoon of milk cream and a half tea spoon of lemon juice and mix the ingredient and apply it on your face three days in a week.

·      You can also prepare a Papaya Face Pack- Papaya is rich in anti oxidants and it contain an enzyme Papain that can help in exfoliating dead skin cells and keep fine lines and wrinkles at ease, and yes apply it twice a week.

·      Pineapple Face Pack- Pineapple has a large amount of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants that can widely treat wrinkles and other signs of aging. You need to apply the pine apple Juice on your face 2-3 times a week.

·      The Castor oil – There are research evidence that shows that the application of the castor oil on the face keep the skin hydrated while reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. What you need to do is to apply the castor oil every alternate day and leave it overnight and the next morning you can rinse it out.


 Chemical treatment that can really help you to look younger! Want to know what are those? Let’s check it out.

There are plenty of chemical treatments that are available in the market that can really help you out to  reduce Premature Skin Aging and wrinkles and to make your skin look flawless and younger. The Laser anti-aging treatments which are available in the market that can reduce the age spots, uneven skin tone, sagging of the skin. It helps in lifting and tighten the skin as well while eliminating blemishes. Next, is the Botox injections that are usually targeting on specific areas to smoothen out the wrinkles and fine lines as well.


We are listing you down on the few Ways to reduce Premature Skin Aging.

What you actually need to do is to follow a healthy lifestyle and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, and to limit the consumption of alcohol and to stop smoking if you are a smoker and everything will work perfectly.


So, we at Queen’s in style will surely enhance you with all the makeup delicacies tips to keep your skin look awesome and flawless all the time. We have Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon where you can talk or chat with to help you out whenever you want.

Monsoon Skin Care Tips: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Your skin is your body's largest organ and is major for your health. It harmonizes your warmth levels, safeguards you from the microorganisms, and also grants you to feel recognizes like touch, warmth, and cold. Keeping this important part of the body in the best condition helps you with feeling your best. That is the explanation skin wellbeing is critical. On the restorative side of things, taking extraordinary care of your skin can help you with observing more energy by smoothing out skin and wrinkles.


Monsoon Skin Care Tips by Ishikka Jolly — Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon - The ideal Monsoon Skin Care Tips is here! The key is healthy ingredients and avoiding toxic elements.

Slather on Moisturizer - This tip should apply the entire year, yet it will in general be especially useful in the pre-Monsoon. After long hours in the sun's rays, the ray can pull out moistness in your skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Apply cream to your skin somewhat one time every day, and settle on trimmings like hyaluronic destructive, glycerin, and plant-based oils.


Add Antioxidants - Cell walls are amazing for our bodies generally yet can assist the skin with purifying oxidants. They help postponed down the presence of wrinkles and boost collagen creation. Make a pass at adding supplements A, E, and C to your everyday plan—either through a compelling serum or by eating some plate of mixed greens and natural items.


Don't Over Exfoliate - You've heard it on different occasions: shedding is valuable for your skin. What you probably haven't heard is that, at whatever point done as often as possible, shedding can be badly designed. Shedding helps keep cleaning glowy and smooth anyway making a decent attempt takes away key oils from your skin, leaving it dry and skin break out slanted. Experts recommend exfoliating no more than three times a week to get the best results for your skin.


Shower- It might have all the signs of being odd, yet wiping out your shower time can be valuable for your skin. This is because over-showering can dry out the skin and lead to irritation and skin aggravation. Similarly, curbing pool time can also help prevent dryness.


Hydrate- Staying hydrated has immense sums of benefits, from working with organ ability to transportation supplements all through your body. Maybe the primary pre-Monsoon benefits it has been planned for your skin. Drinking water can help your skin with recovering consumes from the sun, and can diminish dryness—so try to drink up!


Use SPF- In case you get anything from this article, let it be this: you need to use sunscreen. Sunscreen helps keep with cleaning looking energetic by moving back the presence of wrinkles, and dull spots. Sunscreen has in like manner been shown to lessen your risk of skin sicknesses. Attempt to apply sunscreen reliably for the span of the day (around a few hours) and use a broad reach sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.


Endeavor Natural Remedies - Store-bought skincare products are great, no doubt about it. Regardless, at times, what your skin needs the most can be found straightforwardly in your kitchen. Typical pre-Monsoon home fixes join ground cucumber, cereal, and espresso beans. For a cooling mist, eliminate cucumber crush and mix it in with rose water and mint for a reducing spritz of freshness. Aloe vera is similarly an original home answer for consumption from the sun skin.


Now that you’ve received these topmost Monsoon Skin Care Tips, it’s time to go out and make the most maximum of your Monsoon—while keeping your skin looking and feeling great!

Natural Ways To Maintain Glowing Skin

Factors like stress, hectic work life, inadequate sleep,  pollution, harmful sun rays and unhealthy lifestyle can make your skin dull and dry. Here are tips for Natural Ways to Maintain Glowing Skin by Ishikka Jolly (Professional Makeup Artist in Gurgaon) to follow each day!


Remove Makeup: Always remove your makeup before running for rest. The skin needs to inhale for the time being. Also, leaving cosmetics on overnight obstructs the pores which might cause imperfections. Try not to use a cosmetics remover? Just apply some olive oil on cotton and tenderly rub the oil onto your face to dispose of the cosmetics and soil.

Not to: Forget that peeling is essential. More than once per week, peel your skin to eliminate the layers of dead skin, sure to leave you with a more solid shine and more splendid skin. You can likewise apply a paste of walnut in powder with yogurt to peel your skin, as the cancer prevention agents present in walnuts will assist with eliminating soil and advance brilliant skin.


Apply Sunscreen: Since a long period of sun contact can cause wrinkles, age spots, and other skin issues, you need to shield your skin from the sun. Apply sunscreen with SPF of somewhere around 30 that blocks both UVA and UVB beams. Ensure the mark 'noncomedogenic' or 'non-acnegenic so the cream doesn't block, in general, obstruct pores. Try not to: Skip the sunscreen, regardless of whether it's overcast or cold outside (no reasons).


Eat Healthy: Keep a note of what you put on your plate. Eat natural products, greens, adequate-protein, and nutrients. An eating routine plentiful in nutrient C and low in fats and sugar advances brilliant skin. Consider a low-sugar diet, which can keep insulin levels down, permitting cells to keep a solid balance."Don't: Eat spicy and old food, salt, citrus natural products, burnt food. Rather consider food varieties like rice, oats and fruit purée"


Get Proper Sleep: Try to rest something like 8 hours consistently. If you don't get sufficient sleep, your skin will get worn out very much like you – and it will get you tired. So don't risk it. You can likewise apply nectar all over twice or threefold per week to normally relieve and mend your skin.


"Try not to: Forget to wash and moisturize your face before heading to sleep". "For dry skin, use  light cleaning agents that are made from liquor. Apply bunches of lotion, and stay away from high temp water as it dries out the skin unnecessarily."


Drink more Water: Hydrate yourself. Drink loads of water day by day, something like 8 glasses if not more. Additionally, eats foods grown from the ground that have a high water content like watermelon, cucumber, orange, strawberry, grapefruit, and melon. "drink water from a blue shaded container", since it has a cooling effect. Don't: Ignore rose water. It decreases eye puffiness in the first part of the day, keeps up with pH balance, and normally hydrates your skin during the day.


Wash Face Properly: Wash your face with warm water, three times each day, and tenderly rub your face in round movements, guaranteeing that the cleaning agent contains alpha hydroxyl corrosive or beta hydroxy corrosive. Face packs that contain Multani mitti (more full's earth) function admirably well. In the wake of removal, wipe off and apply a moisturizer which contains benzoyl peroxide". Don't: Pop pimples since it can prompt serious expanding, redness, and in any event, scarring. Feel a pimple is coming? Simply perfect the region with rose water, and spot a chilled green tea pack for 10 minutes. Additionally, on the off chance that you wear glasses or shades, ensure you clean them regularly to hold oil back from obstructing the pores around your eyes and nose.


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How To Apply Eyeliner – Tips to make smudge proof eyeliner

The market is brimming with extraordinary cosmetics items nowadays however our eyeliners frequently neglect to keep going throughout the day, particularly on sleek eyelids. Does this happen to you, as well? Do you regularly need to go for final details for the duration of the day to make your eyeliner look new? At that point, here are 8  tips to make smudge proof eyeliner stay longer by Best Bridal Makeup Artist Gurgaon.


Tips to make smudge proof eyeliner stay longer by Ishikka jolly, Best Bridal Makeup Artist Gurgaon


1. Prep your eyelids: You can pick the best-evaluated eyeliner yet it probably won't be ideal for your eyelids. In this way, ensure you prime your eyes well with a decent eye groundwork and clear powder. Along these lines, your eyeliner won't just go on smoother yet in addition last more. In the wake of applying your eyeliner, dust some clear powder and you're good to go. This will set your groundwork and control oil creation around here. Consequently, your eyeliner will keep going long without moving. Additionally, ensure you apply a decent creaseless concealer under your eyes to forestall smearing.


2. Keep to blotch sheets: Even on the off chance that you don't have excessively slick eyelids you should keep oil smudging sheets helpful in summers and in muggy season. At whatever point your skin will in general get even a little damp with sweat, simply take out a sheet and tenderly touch it on your eyelids to keep your skin matte.


3. Layer your eyeliners: Layering is a superb stunt to make your liner keep going throughout the day. Everybody favors fluid liners because of their completion however you need matte pencils, as well. To abstain from smearing, first apply your eyeliner with a matte, enduring pencil and afterward go over it with your pencil or gel eyeliner. This layering and mixing will make your eyeliner keep going as long as you want. You can even go over this with an eyeshadow to set your eyeliner.


4. Pick your mascara wisely: If you're thinking about what your mascara can mean for the life span of your eyeliner, let me clarify. A non-waterproof or a non-dependable mascara will smear and effect the resilience of the remainder of your cosmetics. So ensure you go for a smudge proof eyeliner and waterproof equation.


5. Grab a white eyeliner: A white eyeliner will not just feature your eyes yet in addition help your eyeliner last more. You can utilize a white eyeliner as a base for your genuine eyeliner; this will help you follow the shape and make your eyeliner pop. Likewise, you can utilize it around your eyeliner to cause your lines to seem more honed.


6. Change the temperature of your eyeliners: First of all, ensure you pick a durable eyeliner. In this way, go through certain audits and do some exploration prior to purchasing your eyeliners. Then, center around making your eyeliners function according to the season. For instance, if your eyeliner isn't giving the ideal completion, freeze it for around 10 minutes; this comes in truly helpful in summers when all that will in general liquefy. What's more, if your gel liner has turned firm, warm it up a bit, for like 10 seconds, just before application.


7. Apply Loose Powder: Apply a touch of free powder in the wake of applying eyeliner to forestall smirching and softening away of eye cosmetics.


8. Apply Matte Concealer prior to applying Eyeliner: A matte concealer would make a decent base for the eyeliner to stick on and stay on. Spot a matte concealer that is ok for the eyes everywhere on the eyelid.


Smudged eyeliners not only destroy your entire look but also are highly humiliating. These cool makeup tips and tricks by Ishikka jolly Best Bridal Makeup Artist Gurgaon- you can follow to ensure that your eyeliner stays intact throughout the day.

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