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The DIY Brow Lamination At Your Home

The DIY Brow Lamination At Your Home

Long gone are the days of the thin eyebrows, the beauty overs are so into a bushy eyebrow rather than a thin eyebrow. Ishikka Jolly is famous for her bridal makeup, in her beauty bog of today, she is going to pinpoint some of the tips and tricks on The DIY Brow Lamination At Your Home.

The more brows look fluffer the better you will look good. We will be listing down some of the techniques using expert guidance on making your eyebrows look thicker. We are going to include the DIY eyebrow lamination tips for you the ladies in this blog.


How to do DIY Brow Lamination At Your Home

Lamination of the eyebrow means that they will be brushing up the direction of the eyebrows and making them fuller to get the desired look. The redirection of the hair will give a finishing look and also give a spooky look. You can pick the type of serum and the kit to use. This process can be used at home using DIY brow lamination without kit


Step 1: The first thing is whatever solution you want to use, you should be testing it properly in case you have any kind of allergy. If you feel that there are rashes, you can stop using the solution. Let the solution get dried for 24 hours, to see whether your skin is sensitive or not.


Step 2: If you find that you don’t have any kind of allergies then you start by brushing your eyebrows in the direction in which you want them. Try to shape it nicely before you apply any kind of solution.


Step3: Next you can try using the ointment to create a barrier around your eyebrow that will give an immediate effect on your eyebrows. A light layer of vaseline is good to give a proper shape to your eyebrows.


Step 4: If the kit you have provided some direction of use, you can use it accordingly.


Step 5: If no direction is given in the eyebrow kit so better for you to make sure that you know what to be applied first and accordingly you will be able to get a perfect-looking eyebrow as per your need.


Step 6: Once you applied the solution, do make sure that you brush it accordingly according to the shape which you want it. Once the process is finished you can wipe off the solution with a cotton ball accordingly and you will see the immediate effect.


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How brow lamination works

So Ishikka Jolly, known as bridal makeup queen, will highlight some of the points on taking care of your eyebrows once you have done the lamination.


a.     You should be keeping it dry: Once the lamination is done, you can keep it dry for 24-72 hours to get the perfect-looking eyebrows.

b.      When applied chemicals it can be very dehydrating, so you will need to apply the brow moisturizer or oil to the brow. If the kit is not supplied, then you can use castor oil.

c.      You should brush up nicely so that you will be getting a perfect look. So do brush nicely before you set it. And do not leave it dry, you can add the moisturizer and the oil as well.



So do check out the blog to get more ideas on eyebrow lamination at home. This will help you shape your eyebrows whenever you need them and how you want them. Do check it out if you have any kind of allergies when you apply anything as such. So do follow the tips and tricks to get a good outcome for brow lamination at home. If you have any kind of allergies when you apply any kind of solution, you can stop using it there and then.