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Prep Your Skin Before Applying Your Make-up

Prep Your Skin Before Applying Your Make-up

Everyone would love to slay your make-up looks in front of your friends or others especially at any events or functions you are attending right! So what we have for you in this blog will really help you all to figure out some of the important methods of how to do it. Ishikka Jolly- A freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon will be giving some ideas on how to prep your skin in order to get beautiful and glowing looks. In this blog, we are going to break down some of the important points that you all will need to know.

Things that you all need to know about how to prep your skin

So what you all will need to do is given nicely in this next description. You will need to do is:

a. Cleanse Your Skin: So before you apply any makeup make sure that your skin is clean and clear. This is very important so that makeup will lay best when applied over smooth skin. Pick up a product that contains a Glycolic acid cleanser, this will really help to get a good cleansing over the skin.

b. You will exfoliate your skin. Your next move is to exfoliate your skin which contains products like hyaluronic acid or aloe vera that really can maintain maximum moisture. If your skin is sensitive you should make sure that you test it on the back of your neck first before you start using it.

c. Applying the Moisture: So next is to apply some moisturizer so that the makeup that you are applying will sit nicely on your skin. If you have oily skin, you should not stop applying it, you can choose a lightweight moisturizer cream. Because while applying the moisturizer make sure you cover all the areas on your face.

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d. The next thing is your lips: You can even start exfoliating your lips so that it will remove away the dead skin and your lips will be smooth enough. After that, you can moisturize your lips with the help of the lip balm so that it will give a finishing look.

e. Applying The primer: Applying the makeup primer really helps out before you apply the makeup. It helps to create a good base before you actually apply the makeup. If you are having sensitive skin you will need to choose a lightweight primer to counteract the redness on your face. The primer that contains silicon is the best option as silicon acts as a barrier, it prevents the oil from your skin to mix up with the makeup you have applied. You should dab all that primer all over your face.

f. Apply the makeup: The last thing is that you can apply the makeup as everything you have prepared nicely and carefully. So you are ready to get your make-up done and it will last longer than you think.

Benefits Of Prepping Your Skin Before You Apply Any Makeup

The main advantage is that when you start applying the make-up lastly after you have prepped your skin it will be so smooth. After prepping your skin, if done every time then you will not need to apply any makeup also. The skin will become very clear and you will not suffer from any kind of pigmentation or any skin problem. But you choose not to overuse any kind of makeup product as it will not only damage your skin, but at the same time, you will have many problems afterwards applying anything on your face.


Whenever you finish applying the makeup remember to keep a setting spray next to you so that you will get a good finishing. You should try to work out with the daily skincare routine as it will help you all a lot. It will give a good finishing, at last, so do follow the content given in this beauty blog, so that you will really be benefitted from it.