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6 Summer Bridal Makeup Products Every Bride Needs

Summer is the most well-known season for weddings - and all things considered. You can say your "I dos" in nature, appreciate yard games at your gathering, and dance the night away under the stars (far superior to being stuck inside with the warmth turned up, if you were to ask me). In case you're going to this course, you'll need to add a couple of summer wedding makeup items to your excellence pack to keep your skin cheerful, your gleam under control, and your makeup flawless. 

Here are a couple of summer wedding makeup items each lady of the hour needs. 


You would prefer not to build up a burn from the sun before you take off for your wedding trip, so slather yourself with that SPF prior to heading outside. While numerous establishments and lotions are furnished with worked-in sunscreen, the SPF is commonly much lower than what you need to keep yourself looking new, wild dislike a lobster. Thus, help yourself out and add a layer before you plunge into dressing yourself up. 


Indeed, highlighter is extremely popular at this moment. However, you don't need your unobtrusive sparkle to transform into an all-over sparkle (dewy > soaked, women). Things being what they are, how would you battle it? Add a dainty layer of your number one clear powder over your concealer and establishment. This mid-year marriage makeup item will hold everything back from moving and save your face from seeming as though an oil spill in photographs. Remember to pack a trusty smaller in your makeup sack for final details! 

Oil Blotting Papers 

On the off chance that you begin looking too glowy - like, even a layer of powder isn't covering your sparkle - go to oil-smearing papers. We love this late spring marriage makeup item. These cheap facial wipes do some amazing things for those with a mix of slick appearances. A couple of spots to the face and you'll resemble 1,000,000 bucks. 

Setting Spray 

Setting a shower secures your wedding makeup set up, keeping it looking straight from daybreak until nightfall. While you may have to do the odd final detail to a great extent, this will diminish the time you spend in the washroom reflect a ton. There are even travel-sized jugs on the off chance that you need to apply a second coat during your gathering (it's additionally reviving, which is a colossal reward). 

Waterproof Mascara 

Presently, you're likely previously intending to utilize waterproof mascara – I mean, you will undoubtedly get somewhat sad during your marital promises, isn't that so? – however, this mid-year marriage makeup item is an unmistakable non-debatable in July and August. On the off chance that the sun is sparkling in your eyes or the warmth will be excessive, the waterworks may begin sooner than you anticipated. Regardless of whether you're not all out terrible crying, you would prefer not to wreck your look with mascara tears, so avoid the standard stuff and head straight for waterproof. 

Lip Balm 

Your first kiss as a wedded couple ought to be completely otherworldly. You would prefer not to chance to wreck it with dried-out lips, so give a valiant effort to keep them smooth. Keep a lip ointment available and apply it just before you stroll down the walkway to make your pucker pillowy delicate. In the event that your sulk is being hazardous, apply a clean and circle back to a lip cover the prior night (or morning of) your big day. That should keep your lips looking new and feeling fine. 

A Rollerball 

You likely invested a great deal of energy picking your wedding aroma, so you don't need a tad of sweat to demolish it on your large day. While you can't actually battle what your body does, you can get ready for the most noticeably terrible by pressing a rollerball. Discover one in your number one fragrance (Sephora stocks tons) or DIY one with your scent so you can do final details for the duration of the day.

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Makeup Trends That Will Define 2021

Last year has been a silver lining as we have been spending most of our time at home experimenting with things like new recipes, knitting sweaters, creative makeup tricks, baking, and so on. 

Since the New Year brings fresh trends of makeup trends to master this year, so if you’re bored with the usual makeup routine then you’ve landed on the right corner of the internet.

In 2021 vibrant colors and nostalgia gives the major theme, which gives the complete sense, since many of us have spent most of our time watching old TV shows or sketching, doing nail art, and so on during the pandemic.   60s-inspired negative space eyeliner and gorgeous violet smoky eye are two prime examples are that are going to set the trend. 

From glowing skin which is going to less stress in the zoom and the berry-stained lips. The makeup trends are so much of eye makeup (considering the face masks that are not going a little longer), but there’s also a look that covers all the bases. 

Further down there are 6 mindblowing makeup trends that are going to rule 2021

1. Stained lips : 

2020 has been the year, where we’ve mostly covered half of our face with face masks and it has been a tough time for the ones who love to wear bold lipsticks. As the facemasks are not going anywhere we suggest you wearing a red creamy – matte lipstick and dab the extra stain with your fingers for long-lasting lip color and avoiding flaky or dry lips. Use lipstick that has more hydrating formulae that don’t dry up your skin. 

2.  Graphic liners : 

You mostly have seen the graphic eyeliners across Instagram, all thanks to those who have come up with such amazing makeup tricks considering the face masks in mind they have set up this new trend. In 2021, sharp eyeliner is still going strong whether its cat-eye or the 60’s inspired negative space eyeliner. Go for the creamy gel eyeliner with a fine tip, you’ll be able to draw the proper eyeliner, that also won’t smudge or melt off. 

3.  Dolphin skin: 

As the dolphin’s reflective and wet skin  - the bare-faced makeup look is all about a fresh, glowing complexion. Apart from the dewy-highlight, the makeup will be the no-makeup look. Go for the tinted moisturizer with nourishing ingredients that are going to give you dewy, natural skin apart from the outdated shimmery look. 

4.  Purple makeup :

Play with the colorful makeups and sparkle some joy in these days of a pandemic that melts into one.  All the shades give you a very different look but the purple color does magical work. Purple gives you a vibrant and nostalgic look creating a beautiful smokey eye look, it also depends on the texture and the products you use. Cover the eyelid with the powder eyeshadow and wing it out on the outer side and use the eyeliner to define the lash line. 

5.  90’s Liner : 

While this era you feel messy, turning back to those nostalgic makeup trends gets you the much-needed confidence and comfort. So if you’re in such a mood go for the tight 90’s eyeliner. Touch up your face and wear nude lipstick to keep your eyes highlighted. Use a waterproof eyeliner to avoid smudging and long-lasting look also use lip oil which gives your lips a better shade. 

6.  Colorful Mascara: 

You might have seen the trending different shades of mascara all over Instagram. So it has become quite obvious that the different colors of mascara are ruling 2021. Getting few coats of royal blue will get you an amazing look.   

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Stunning Ruffle Blouses Are The Trend Now And You Need to Know Why

All the brides love to get a chic look with their lehenga at their wedding. Who doesn't love to stand out with their unique look? So today, we've got you the different kinds of ruffle blouses which are so in trend and every millennial bride loves to have them for their wedding or engagement. Getting you the most trendy, refreshing varieties of ruffle blouses which is perfectly beautiful to set the trend. Look below for the ultimate designs and bridal looks of the brides wearing ruffle blouses.

Latest ruffle blouse design for the brides.

1. Classic Ruffle

One of the trending and stunning looks with the classic ruffle.Getting you the most unique look for your Mehendi or cocktail look. 

2. Ruffle on the blouse sleeves

If you do not want to look normal with the usual blouse sleeve look then opt for the ruffle sleeved blouse which is so in vogue right now. If you are the bride who loves to get the stand-out look and set the trend right then there you go girl.

3. Ruffles on Off-shoulder Blouse 

If you are the one who loves everything big and statement-making then we advise you to opt for these ruffles on the off-shoulder blouse. It gives you the fun and chic bridal look to grace your personality. Go through the best ladies carrying these beautiful ruffles with off-shoulder blouses and getting the outstanding look, so that you get the perfect idea of how it looks.

4. The Grand Ruffles 

We are so much in love with the grand and rich ruffle that is embodied in the bridal outfits getting them the stand-out look. Once you see it you'll absolutely be in love with it, discover these for your wedding and get a look that is not less than a celeb look. 

5. Ruffle Cape Style Blouse

It's time to let go of all the drama and fear out of your mind with these glorious cape designs around your neck with a backless design to get you the appealing look for your wedding.

6. Ruffled neck border blouse

To the adventurous ladies out there get the tiny ruffles along with the v-shaped neckline. This is perfect for the pastel pink color which compliments the details of all the ruffles and goes so well with satin or silk fabric. So we hope you've done choosing the right ruffle blouse for you and are ready to shine with your look. 

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Floral Kaleera ideas for your dream wedding

As time passes we keep finding the best and new wedding trends to lighten up your wedding moments. Here we are with amazing wedding trends that are definitely going to drool your heart, which is unique, beautiful, and budget-friendly. The most important part of this trend is that you can match the trend with the color you like. As we have got you excited about the trend it's time to brace up because the trend we are talking about is the floral kaleere, for all the beautiful brides to be. Kaleeras hold immense emotional value for all the brides, this is the reason we thought of introducing these ideas for all the brides.

Top floral kaleera designs

1. White Floral Kaleere

You may wear a white floral kaleere made out of white flowers for your dark-colored or any light-colored ensembles. As white has its own uniqueness and will give you the perfect bridal look. You may also add a few colors of the flowers that match your outfit.

2. Pink floral kaleere

If you're opting for shades of pink or peach-colored lehengas or sharara or saree or suit or any outfit for your D-day, then opt for the pink-colored or shaded pink colored floral kaleere to get you the outstanding bridal look.

3. Yellow floral kaleere

Pair up your red outfits with the yellow floral color either of marigold or yellow roses with the combination of white flowers. Too many brides have chosen yellow kaleere and found it to be the most stunning brides.

4. Red floral kaleera

If you are choosing for the traditional look! Then go for the beautiful red roses kaleera, which is a sign of love and will give you the utter beautiful bridal look. These are just going to get you the stand outlook and make your D-day most special.

Until we get you the new trending wedding makeup and outfit ideas stay tuned and try out the amazing tips and tricks by the famous Reception Makeup Artist in Gurgaon- Ishikka Jolly, who has spent most of her career in bridal makeovers and has been closely monitoring the bride's trends and desires that every bride has for her wedding. Our Expert here specializes in bridal, party, cocktail, airbrush, HD, fashion, media makeups. To get your makeover done from the best Reception Makeup Artist in Gurgaon step right into Queen's in style and be ready to shine bright girl. Call 9667028299 for any details. Advance booking open!

List of Bridal Makeup that is going to rule the wedding season in 2021

As and when the years so are the trending makeups that keep changing. Time has gone when the brides used to carry heavy makeup, jewels, etc. Brides of this generation love to keep it very natural, lite and elegant makeovers. Here is the list of makeup trends that we've got you few trending makeups for your bridal makeup for you to stand out and look perfect on your very special day.

Bridal Makeup Trends by Ishikka Jolly - Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon

1. The Glittery eye makeup, makes your makeup complete and gives the proper definition to your look. So, play with your glittery eye makeup and shine brighter on your big day.  Make a wise decision with the color of the glitter that goes well with your outfit.

2. Highlighter, for glowing makeup, use the right amount of highlight to highlight your facial features. Using too much a highlighter could hide your makeup and using less could give you a dull look. So use apply the proper amount of highlighter to your face to give you the natural glowy skin look.

3. Smokey eyes with hot red lipstick, a professional artist knows how to play with subtle smokey eyes hot red lipstick to get you the bold look.  As well as this has been a long time and the evergreen makeup trend is never going to be out of fashion. To slay with your look and win everyone's compliments you should be opting for such a makeover.

4. Making use of the blush tones that avoids you giving you the imperfect or patchy look. Blush tones help you get the natural and glowy look to highlight your cheeks and eyes. A professional artist knows perfectly how to use the blush tones properly to get you a beautiful and elegant look.

5. Making use of the colored eyeliner: Highlighting your eyes with the colored eyeliner has been the trend that gives your eyes the perfect and prominent look. So do not shy off trying the different colors of the liners along with black liners to highlight your eyes.

6. Shimmery eyes with neutral lips, to get the modern bridal look and to avoid heavy or patchy makeup, make a smooth base on your eyes with shimmery eye makeup and neutral lip color for your lips will give you the most natural bridal look. 

7. Nude lips, as this has set a trend in the Bollywood actresses for their bridal look, play with the different colors of the nude lip colors to get you the most elegant and celebrity look for your wedding.

8. Using crystals eyeliner to get the dramatic yet classy look just like Neha Kakkar, to highlight your eyes and stand out with your unique makeup look instead of the liquid eyeliners.

9. Taking a proper skincare routine to get you smooth and glowing skin which requires less makeup and gives you the natural makeover look. So invest in the best skin care products and stay hydrated always.

10. Opting a matt makeup is never out of a trend and it's the best for the brides with oily and combination skin types and this can be worn in any season be it summer, winter, or rainy season. 

11. Making use of the different colors of eyeshadows instead of sticking with the neutral looks will get the unique and beautiful makeover look for the bride. So it's really important that the artist knows to play with the different colors to get the trendy eye shadows to highlight the eyes to get the popping eye look. 

12. Bold lip colors, as the nude lips have set the trend there are brides who love to carry the bold colored lip colors as they last longer, highlight the lips, and gives the perfect bridal look. 

For the latest and trending makeup trends stay tuned with Ishikka Jolly - Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon, she is also a Freelance Makeup Artist who offers her services across the country and specializes in bridal, party, cocktail, HD, media, fashion, airbrush, editorial, etc. For bookings contact 9667028299. 

Pre wedding shoot makeup tips for Bride to be

Every girl and guy loves to freeze their lovely pre-wedding moments and memories for a lifetime and so the most trending event pre-wedding shoot has also become the most important event of a Wedding.

It's really a great feeling to cherish all the beautiful moments that make us happy. But it's always been concerning for all the brides about the makeup they need to wear that perfectly suits their pre-wedding shoot.

To fulfill your dreams Brides to be we've got you the solution for all your confusion for your pre-wedding makeup tips.

1. The beautiful shine and glow

As the days of the wedding nears by all the brides start glowing naturally during this period. For your glowing skin shade your eyelids with light colors and pink lips. Highlight your cheeks and all the facial feature and do contouring.

2. Nude lipsticks and smokey eyes

Nude lips are so in trend and give you the most stunning look with smokey eyes. 

3. Little shimmer and bronze finishing

Do not forget to use a light shimmer on your eyes for your dark-colored outfit or any heavy velvety dresses. Make use of the bronze all over your face as and when required for highlight.

4. Curling 

Curling your hair for your pre-wedding shoot will give you the fine look and also it goes well with most outfits or occasions.

5. Smokey eyes with the gown

Wear beautiful smokey eyes and long eyelashes with a long fairy gown for your pre-wedding shoot. Consider this to be the most important and must look for the shoot.

6. Say yes to a classy black outfit

If you want your pre-wedding shoot to be the perfect shot then the black colored outfit will never disappoint you. Go for a frock or any outfit that best suits you along with some dazzling eyeshades and hot red lipstick. 

7. Red to spice up your love

Red is the color of love, wear red with the winged cat eyeliner giving you the bold look plus add on to beautify your romance, getting you the amazing clicks.

8. Dark colors of lipsticks and a classy outfit

Wearing a classy outfit along with the dark shades of lip colors such as wine, maroon which are long-lasting and picture-perfect. They will revive the beauty of your face although you're dull or tired with the shoot day.

9. Go for some slim tight dress for a hot chick look

If you wish to envy your youth lifetime with your pre-wedding shoot, then go for a slim tight bodycon if you have a slim figure to get you the hot look, with the blood-red colored lip color and straight hair.

10. Indian look

If you're planning for a traditional look or want to opt for a saree then use to blusher. pink lips and a dark eyeliner along with mascara.

If you wish to get such amazing hacks for your wedding stay tuned for updates from Ishikka Jolly - Best Makeup Artist in Delhi at Queen's in style. She has most of her time in the makeup industry and fashion and has 10+ years of experience. At Queen's in style you'll get all kinds of professional services in Bridal, party, HD, airbrush, cocktail, media, fashion makeovers. To get dolled up for your special occasions from the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi, do visit our studio today and get your makeover done, and be assured of winning everyone's attention and compliments. 

Top Bridal hairstyle for Wedding

It's very important that you choose the right hairstyle that best describes your personality because it's a fact that how much ever expensive the outfit can be or the accessories. So below are a few top trending and the best hairstyles that you can choose for yourself at your wedding by Ishikka Jolly - Best Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi.

 1. Tight bun with Gajra

A tight simple donut bun along with gajra will give you the classy and most beautiful look.


2. Loose fishtail braid

Loose fishtail braid with some curled hair strands left just like that gives you the fun-loving and creative mind look.


3. Long braid

The long hair pleated, and embellished with beautiful gemstone accessories gives the most stunning and royal look for the south Indian bridal look.


4. A bun with roses

A simple bun covered with roses and with some wavy hairstyle in the front will just give you the mind-boggling celebrity look.


 5. A bun with flower mesh

A simple bun with mogra or any flower mesh will also give you an authentic bridal look.


6. Side loose ponytail

A side curled hair ponytail with beautiful accessories worn for the gown will also give you the utter fashionable and classy look for your reception.


7. A rosy bun

Forming rose using your hair is also a new trend and also creating some beautiful pleated/crimped/wavy hairstyle in front sideways.


8. Decor your bun/hairstyle with artificial flowers

It's sometimes hard to get the flowers of our choice or fresh flowers in the market, so you can always rely on some easily artificial flowers available in the market.


9. A loose pleated braid

A loose pleated braid with some tiny accessories or any flowers stuck at different distances all the way long in your hair will also give you the most gorgeous look.


10. Side part your hair and set them free

Side part your hair and some curling of hair at the end with a little hair decor will also add up to your beauty.


11. A swirled voluminous bun

Making your hair curled and forming a bun will give you the swirled messy bun.


12. Form a braid with small braids

Form a tiny braid first and then getting them together to form one single braid with some authentic flower accessories/gajra that are made in markets.


13. French braid bun.

Forming a few french braids and creating a messy bun will also, give you the subtle look.


14. Half-open wavy hairstyle

Forming a pouch on the front and leaving the lower hair curled at the end.


15. Royal huge bun with some flowers.

Use your long hair and make a bigger bun and decor it with some natural flowers to give yourself the royal feel.

 We're going to get you more such drooling makeup ideas for your special days, stay tuned for updates by Ishikka Jolly - Best Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi. She is also known for her Party Makeup, Cocktail Makeup, Engagement Makeup. Come down to our studio Queen's in style to brighten up your special day with beautiful makeovers.

Winter Wedding Guide for Bride to be

Hey! All the winter bride to be. We understand your worries about the chilling winter this year.  It’s fun to get married in the winter season but overcoming the chilling climate effect to get the beautiful charm on your face and to get the stunning looks we’ve got you few amazing tips to make you look more fashionable, bold, and classy without shivering while you enjoy all your wedding functions.

9 cool outfits that you can opt for your wedding: 

1.Get the alternate outfit for your wedding other than the one you chose for your wedding because of the unsure windy weather, to keep yourself cozy you may opt for some sharara or garara, Anarkali suits, etc.

2.Opt for the fabric that will keep you warm like – velvet, silk, satin, khadi, etc as well as make you look gorgeous and stunning for your wedding. 

3.Look for the closed neck blouses as it's been a trend for a long time and gives you the most classy look and on other helps you to avoid the freezing cold.

4.Buy a matching shawl for your outfit as nowadays it’s a fashion of two dupattas to embrace the beauty of your lehenga. Here you can replace one of your dupattas with the shawl made up of velvet or satin or banarasi silk so that it does the work of protecting you from cold and giving you the subtle look.

5.Go for the full-sleeved blouses for your lehengas, which will give you the unique look and help you to get rid of the cold. You may ask your lehenga designer to stitch in such a way that is going to give the beautiful bridal look to glorify the look of your outfit.

6.Keep yourself hydrated to get the glowy skin and follow the steps we gave you in our previous blog Pre bridal tips for bride to be. You’ve to have a clear and smooth face for your wedding. Consult a dermatologist if you’ve any skin issues.

7. Get designed a jacket or cape to match up your outfit so that it gives you the fashionable look and keeps you warm. This is now in trend and will surely give you an outstanding look that everyone would desire to have at their own wedding.

8. Go for some trendy juttis, designer bridal sneakers, layered boots along with a pair of socks or stockings to give you a warm feeling.

9. You may also opt for a long length blouse that covers your waist or overlaps your lehenga so to protect you from cold and yet give you the royal look.

For more such updates, stay tuned with us and will get you covered for all your worries and get you the beautiful attire for the special days of your life. In case you would like to get dolled by one of the Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon, you may come down to Queen’s in style and get your Best Bridal Makeup in Gurgaon and Delhi done and be ready to shine girl.

Pre bridal tips for bride to be

If you're a Bride-To-Be and browsing on how to take care of yourself to look flawless at your wedding, then go through these very simple and easy tricks for quick results:

 Follow these below steps just 15 days before your wedding :

1. Consume 3-4 liters of water per day. During the preps for your wedding, it's very obvious that you forget to take care of yourself and the scarcity of water in your body can put you into risky health issues.

2. Drink tender coconut water empty stomach every morning, which is a good source of multi nutrients, antioxidants, and that also maintains the ph. of your body.

3. Get enough sleep of at least 8 hours daily to feel refreshed otherwise, it is going to make your skin look dull.

4. Intake vitamin E capsule 15 days daily, which will remove out pigmentation from your skin and give you glossy skin.

 5. Apply vitamin E + aloe Vera gel mask to your face daily to get beautiful skin.

6. Intake fresh juices of veggies and fruit juice daily so that it'll help detoxification. This will also help you in getting rid of the excess fat in your body giving you the best look for your wedding.

7. Pomegranate juice 2-3 times a day will also add to the beauty of your skin and will keep you charged up all the time.

8. Get regular clean-ups and avoid facials.

9. Cleans your face twice a day and do not forget to cleanse your face with facewash and remove the dirt or makeup from your face. Apply a night cream and then go to bed.

10. Do some simple yoga 2-3 months prior to the wedding for good health and skin.

11. Apply natural face packs of fruits, gramflour+turmeric, curd, etc. at regular intervals to nourish your skin.

12. Do not stress out much with anything as you may get lots of breakouts and end up making your skin look dull and tired. So it's very important that you're stress-free and enjoy your beautiful wedding moments.

13. Do not binge eat, you may end up putting on weight and getting extra fat. Have a balanced and proper diet so that you don't feel restless or dull.

Keep an eye on our website for more updates from Ishikka Jolly is well known for the Best Bridal Makeup Services in Delhi.  Ishikka is fond of giving her stunning brides skincare and daily routine tips to help them look gorgeous and flawless at their wedding.  So that they can cherish each and every moment of their special event of life. If you also wish to get  the Best Bridal Makeup Services in Delhi, then get dolled up by the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, then step right into Queen's in style and feel not less than a celebrity with your desired makeup for all the functions of your wedding - be it engagement, Mehendi, sangeet, reception, etc.

Winter care for your skin, hair, and nails by Ishikka Jolly - Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon.

Wondering how to take care of your skin in winters? Get rid of the dry skin by just following the simple and easy tricks :

  1. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water let your skin feel alive. Set a reminder or just grab your bottle along with you always so that you don't forget to sip your water at regular intervals.
  2. Keep yourself moisturized with an oil-based moisturizer, moisturize your skin with pure coconut oil when at home.
  3. Avoid using chemical loaded soaps and also avoid extremely hot water baths which may cause more dry skin, use lukewarm water instead. Always remember to moisturize your skin just after you take bath.
  4. Add fruits and veggies that contain lots of water to your diet - cucumber, celery, etc., also include vitamin-rich veggies like carrot, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes which are rich in beta carotene.
  5. Intake of citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C, which plays a significant role in collagen synthesis and antioxidants effects.
  6. Apply a mixture of aloe vera gel+Vitamin E capsule for glowy skin, this will also act as a sunscreen for you. Try out a mix of glycerin+Vitamin E capsule for wonderful effects on your facial skin.
  7. You may always rely on the natural facemasks of curd and besan (gram flour) along with turmeric powder for beautiful skin.
  8. For your dry scaly lips you may use Desi ghee or coconut oil to the dead skin.
  9. Tomato scrub: Slice the tomato into half and put one spoon of sugar over it and gently rub it on your face or else the sugar can damage your skin with harsh rubbing. Later rinse it off with water and then you'll see the glowy effect in your skin.
  10. To avoid dryness of your hair you must oil your hair at regular intervals to nourish them properly. Also, use a curd mask/egg white for your hair for an hour so and rinse it off with water, it'll give you a good effect of conditioning your hair.
  11. For your nails, you may rub some almond oil or garlic to make them stronger.
  12. It's very important to rinse off your face while you're back home from out and while sleeping to remove the dirt and cosmetics from your face. Do not forget to moisturize your skin with night cream and moisturizer before you fall asleep.

Stay tuned for weekly updates for the easiest and useful tips for your daily routine by Ishikka Jolly - who is a top Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon. Apart from her studio she is a freelance makeup artist too and specializes in bridal, party, cocktail, media, editorial makeups. Ishikka is well versed in makeup and has spent most of her time analyzing the body care routine and has shared many useful tips so far that has shown very good effects. If you are looking for the Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon and Delhi, then do visit our makeup studio Queen's in style, to get the celebrity feel with your makeup.