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Home Remedies for achieving glass skin

Home Remedies for achieving glass skin

Getting glass skin is not that easy, you will need to take things at ease and follow naturally the homemade remedies that we are going to describe for you. Ishikka Jolly one of the freelance makeup artist In Gurgaon in her beauty blog today is going to pinpoint some of the natural home remedies to get glass skin. The home remedy we are mentioning here is a glow face pack which can remove the scars, and blemishes and even improve the skin tone. But it is not impossible at all to get that instant glow at your home.


Queens Brings You the Tips and Tricks on How to Get a Glass Skin

Ishikka Jolly is one of the best freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog today, she is going to pinpoint some of the tips and tricks to get glass skin. So let us check what is it all about.


a.     Papaya Preparation: A slice of papaya and keep it on your face for 10 mins and then you can rinse it off with cold water or you can either use warm water to clean the skin. It will give you glass skin and also improve your skin texture.


b.     The Use of Honey: The application of honey is one of the best methods when also applied along with lemon juice it gives a perfect glow on the skin. Doing so will make your skin get a perfect glow and it will also improve the skin texture.


c.      The Use of Mint leaves, so what you will need to do is to grind the mint leaves and make a paste out of them. Apply it as a face mask onto your skin and then you can rinse it off. You will be getting an instant glow throughout and it will brighten up your face as well.


d.     The Use of Almond Oil: The use of almond oil is recommended for those who have dry skin. You can apply the lemon oil to your skin which will give a natural glow to your face and it will treat the dry patches on your face as well.


e.      The Use of Rose Water: You can buy rose water and spray it on your face. After you do that you can take a cotton ball soaked in chilled water and wipe off the rose water. Doing this will remove all the dirt from your face.


f.      The use of Turmeric Powder: Turmeric gives an instant glow to the face and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that naturally helps to get rid of the puffiness on the face and to give an instant glow to the face as well. So what you can do is make a turmeric paste by mixing the turmeric with rose water and then you can apply it to your face to get that instant glow.



Queens Speck A Dot on Certain Things to Keep your Skin Glow


So let us check it out in this blog on certain things that you should be opting to get your skin to glow. So let us see what actually it is, and how you will need to take things into consideration.


a.     You will need to drink lots of water: By drinking lots of water at least a litre a day, it can help with clearing your skin conditions and get the perfect glow.


b.      Eat Nursing food: So try to avoid high carbs diet as this will help in keeping your skin clear from all the unwanted skin conditions.


c.      You should try to avoid smoking as this can release a lot of chemicals that can produce oxidative stress in your skin cells.


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Summing Up

So you will need to follow some of the points we have mentioned above to get the ultimate solutions for your skin problems and to get that instant glow. So do cheer up yourself if you are in the process of doing it as you will get a perfect glow after all. You will need to keep all these points in mind so that you will have healthy clear skin.