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How to cover up acne and blemishes with concealer

How to cover up acne and blemishes with concealer

Concealers are skincare products where you can cover up blemishes and under-eye dark circles. Ishikka Jolly as the best makeup artist in Gurgaon, she is going to describe it more in this beauty blog on how you can choose the concealer depending on the shade of your skin tone to cover up those blemishes. So let us see further in this blog on what we got for you all so that you will be able to grasp the detailed steps on how to go about choosing the best concealer for your skin. 

Different Types of Concealer 

Ishikka Jolly in her beauty blog is going to list down how to go about choosing the different types of concealer like a pro to cover up the blemishes and acne for your skin.

a.  A Pencil Concealer: While applying the concealer, you would like to cover up even the minute portion in your skin so that you will want to look flawless every time you stand in front of the crowd. So you can pick up with the pencil concealer so that you will cover up all the minute details on your skin.

b. Choose the powder concealer: If you have oily skin, it is best to choose the powder concealer so that it can blend well and it will cover up seamlessly. So do choose a powder concealer for your oily skin so that you will have a finished look rather than looking worst ever.

 c. A Liquid concealer For a beginner if you want to choose the concealer to apply to your skin you better go with the liquid concealer as it adds a creamy lightweight texture. And it is very easy to apply without creating many problems too.

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 How To Apply The Concealer?

First what you need to do is to wash your face properly with a face wash to wipe away all the dirt in your skin. Then after that, you can add a little bit of moisturizer and a layer of face primer so that the makeup will properly blend well on your skin. The next thing is you apply the concealer in a triangular manner in the bottom of your eyes and then blend it nicely with the makeup sponge. You target the small spots, pimple marks, the pigmentation. After you have applied the concealer on the areas where you cover up the pigmentation you can apply the foundation on top of it and last but not least you can apply the compact and then proceed with your eyes and lips to complete your makeup looks. 

Choosing the correct shades of concealer for your skin tone

What everything you need to know is all been written for you in this blog, so do read it with joy to open up the secret behind making you look fabulous with all the makeup tips we have noted it down in this blog. Let us see further what we have for you.

Orange color Concealer:  If you have any purple or blue tone under your eyes, the orange color will help to cover up the dark under-eye tone and it will give a good finish.

Green concealer: You can apply it if you have any redness or blemishes which you need to cover up, so go ahead and choose the green concealer for your skin tone.

Yellow concealer: This color if you have oily skin and you need to brighten up your face do pick up the yellow concealer for your skin tone.

Peach concealer: if you happen to have the blemish hues on your under-eye that is been caused by sun damage you can choose a peach concealer as it works best for any hyperpigmentation. So do see the color of your skin tone before you choose to buy any concealer for your skin. Pick up the right shades for your skin so it will blend nicely with the skin tone and it will make your skin look clear and flawless too.