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How To Apply Lipstick: Tips and Tricks

How To Apply Lipstick: Tips and Tricks

Choose between your eyes and mouth? Try to concentrate on one feature to give the  a time so that you will be able to look great without creating many hazards. Ishikka Jolly as one of the best freelance makeup artists in Gurgaon, will be discussing more on this beauty blog on certain tips and tricks on how to apply lipsticks and you don’t have to get fillers in your lips to make your lips more plumpy. To get your lips to look more plumpy just draw the lip liner outside the border of your lips and dab a bit of the gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and then you can smack the lips together to give a good finish. 


Step By Step: Tips and Tricks To Apply Lipsticks 

Let us begin by preparing you all on how to actually apply lipsticks by knowing certain methods. Ishikka Jollyy as one of the best freelance makeup artists in Gurgaon, will be helping you out in this blog to know better how to apply lipstick to give you that glam look.


Prep up Your Lips: You might not want to keep your lips dry right! You will be needing to exfoliate your lips before you start applying the lipstick. You will need to exfoliate with a toothbrush or you can use sugar and tomatoes mixed together so that your lips will be able to get that soft healthy-looking lips. So do choose properly the products which you are going to apply to your skin. 

1. Will need to apply a Base: If you want to apply a long-lasting lipstick what you will need to do is to apply a base before you apply the lipstick. Choose a concealer shade that matches the lip color and you will need to apply some compact over it to seal the base.


 2.Use a Lip Liner: To make your lip more defined, you will need to line up your lips to avoid being messy. You will need to use a good lip liner to reshape and to give a good contour to your lips. Shape your lips nicely and remember you should not use a color that is not matching with your skin.

Why you need to use lip liner


3. You can apply the Lipstick: Once you finish applying all the above steps, you fill up with lipstick. You can apply coat by coat to intensify the color on your lips. Ensure that you apply every corner of your lips to give it a good finish.


4.Give it a good Finish: Use a small concealer brush and work on the edges to correct the shapes of your lips. It will give a prominent outlook of your lip's color. 


How To Choose The Lip Colour For Your Lips


First and foremost it’s a key to identify the skin tone before you pick up the lip color. There are many colors to choose from to flaunt up your look. So in this blog, we are going to help all the ladies out there to pick up the color of the good shades that helps you to match with the skin tone. 


  1. Having The Cool Undertones: If you're having a cool-toned that is pink, red, or a bluish hue to your skin. The best lip color for you to pick up is blue or purple shades undertones. 
  2. For a warm undertone suppose, you can choose lipstick which is orange-red, brick red.
  3. For a neutral undertone try to go with pink color or berry shades.
  4. If you want to put on the dark lip color you can go with it, and even women with a lighter lip can pull off quite nicely.


Finish the color which suits your skin as it will look odd, and finish it with a little bit of concealer by smearing it well on the side on the outer lips to give it a good finish. To make your looks to be flawless do take time in choosing the right lipstick according to your skin tone.