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How to remove pimple marks

How to remove pimple marks

The annoying pimple mark can stay a maximum of five-seven days, sometimes when you have to go anywhere it feels so annoying. But do not lose hope there are solutions for every problem, in this blog Ishikka Jolly as one of the best makeup artist from Gurgaon is going to give a lowdown on how to remove pimple marks and make things feel good. There are certainly three types of pimple marks if it develops. The first one is a very tiny one that can turn blackish and can leave major scar marks behind. the different methods of treatment are available according to the types, so let us check in this blog what we have for you.


Queens portray some points on why an acne scar occurs

Here in this blog, we are going to describe more in detail why the acne scar usually develops and what can be the possible causes. The acne scar usually develops because some of your blood-related might suffer the same thing.  It is also told that when your skin is blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria, acne might develop. Acne can develop if the follicles produce too much oil or when the dead skin accumulates in your pores and even when the bacteria build up in your pores. So these are the many concerns and causes that you should be keeping in mind so that you can get effective treatment accordingly.


The over-the-counter medication to treat the acne mark

There are various types of methods that are available to treat acne marks. Here in this blog, Ishikka Jolly one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon will give tips on How to remove pimple marks. So let us check here in this blog to get a clear idea of what is it.


a.     The use of Salicyclic acid: Salicyclic acid acts as a peeling product that can help to ward off the acne problem. But you should be keeping in mind that it might also cause hyperpigmentation, so actually, it is recommended that you test it nicely before you start using it.


b.      Retinoids: The use of retinoid medication helps to block the inflammation, and reduce acne lesions and it also helps with the speed up of cell regeneration. The use of the retinoids will help in lightening the skin which develops because of acne. So it is advised that when using retinoids as the medication to treat acne, one should apply sunscreen on their face.


c.      The Use of Lactic Acid on The Skin: The use of lactic acid helps to pull away the dead skin cells and will help to reduce the dark pigmentation of the skin because of acne. It will lighten the dark tissue, and for this, you can test it on the skin before you are using it.


d.      The use of alpha hydroxy acids: The AHA is the mild form of acid that can scrape the outer layer of the skin to reveal fresh, new skin. It helps to reduce the pigmentation on the skin and you will be having clear skin.

Natural Ways To Maintain Glowing Skin

Preferable diet to get rid of the acne

Ishikka Jolly one of the best makeup artists in Gurgaon is going to give a brief description of the type of food you should try to avoid to cut down the effect of acne.


a.     Low Glycemic Diet: This means that in your diet you should try to lessen the amount of carbs food so that there won't have any problems with your skin condition.


b.     Having a Vegan Diet: Try to include veggies in your diet and try to avoid having red meat all the time, especially during the summertime.


c.      Probiotics: The probiotics that are found in the yogurt act as a supplement that can help to remove acne and you can treat it easily.




To get the best clear skin, you should be able to follow some of the points that we have mentioned in this blog for you. By doing this, you will get a better result after all.