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Hire The Best Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi & Gurgaon

Every girl wants to look greatest at their marriage day and they should be because the marriage doesn't occur every day. To make this special event a grand and important part of your life, you must guarantee everything is excellent right from clothes, jewelry, hairstyles to makeup. Clothes and jewelry are just a fundamental thing that we can decide after checking out some designer stores or jewelry stores, but the brides face difficulties during the time of makeup particularly when they don't get the right Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon for their marriage and here the things go out of control.

A Makeup Artist in Gurgaon plays a major part in determining the real beauty of yours and works their best to make you look beautiful and reach out from the folk. So have you decided one or searching for the Makeup Artist in Delhi or Gurgaon, If you haven't decided yet, then this blog will going to be helpful for you and help you with dial number +919667028299 to get the right one for your marriage. Read ahead –

They Know Better

This day is not like any normal day where you can do your makeup easily, but you should be very concerned about your makeup. A makeup artist in Delhi knows your condition and works individually to prepare you for your biggest day. They are skilled enough to give you a gorgeous look. Even they have needed tools that help your hair to get fancied looks.

They Know Your Skin

Your skin is very soft and sensitive, so a defective product can affect your skin and make you dull on a specific event. Don't take the risk, these makeup artist knows how to pamper your skin and what kind of product will suit your skin. Aside from this, they will give you the advice to understand so that your skin can shine and happy completely your marriage.

They Know Picture-Perfect Moments

A picture-perfect moment gives you a goal to smile forever and this marriage day has lots of reasons to be perfect. A Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi not only helps you to get the fancied look on your marriage but also cameramen find it painless when it comes to editing.

They know this is your day – They completely conscious of the event that this is your day and hundreds of people will be going to observe you, so don't wait for the amount that you have saved for hiring the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi. Every girl wants to be their best at her marriage, so little compromising can mess your marriage.

A little care can be able to make your marriage an amazing event of your life, so don't blur your photo album due to saving some amount on hiring an un-experienced makeup artist. Allow yourself to observe good, feel great and cherish your special marriage day. Leave the rest of the makeup things on your makeup artist in Delhi!

Tips to Hiring the Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

There are many things involved in the preparation of wedding functions. From the choice of the wedding venue to the decoration of the same, the bride's, as well as the groom's side, has to take care of a lot of stuff. However, from the bride's perspective, nothing can be more important than her makeup on her wedding day. It is the wish of every bride to look her best on the most special day of her life. This is the reason why most of them do not mind giving a little extra on hiring the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi.

When it comes to planning a wedding in a royal place, it also becomes important to assure that as a bride, your makeup should showcase some hints of the same. So, the problem that we have in front of us is- how to hire the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon? Well, there are certain tips and tricks you can apply in this regard.

Finding the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi made easy

If you take a dive into the world of bridal makeup, you will be shocked to come across dozens of options. Apart from the regular sections like traditional and contemporary, there are many subcategories too. Indian bridal makeup has many kinds for example, such as Kashmiri bridal makeup, Bengali bridal makeup, Telugu bridal makeup, and the Kerala bridal makeup.

So, when you get in touch with a Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, you must enquire well about the bridal makeup sections he/she is skilled at. But, rather than believing the specialist blindly, you must take a look at his/her portfolio. In current times, it is not hard to check the portfolios of the makeup artists. Almost each reputed Makeup Artist in Delhi these days has a website, through which they can show their skills, experience, and expertise as well.

Once you have selected a few bridal makeup artists who are specialists at managing bridal makeup projects, you must ask for a quote. The fees charged by the bridal makeup artists depend on a few factors; such as- the quality of makeup items used by them; their knowledge; the range of functions they will cover; etc. So, if you want your bridal makeup artist to cover other functions too, such as Mehendi and reception, then you must analyze the quotes respectively.

After you are done analyzing the quotes, you must come down to the final process of selection. Now, it is necessary to mention that the cheapest is not always the best option. When choosing a makeup package, the utmost preference should be given to the quality of the cosmetics. You must enquire well about the brands that will be used by the bridal makeup artist. Do not compensate for low-quality cosmetic or makeup items, as they can harm your skin; in fact, they can also lead to allergies.

Once you have settled an option, which is well within your budget, you must ask for a trial session. In the trial makeup session, you will be able to evaluate whether the expert hired by you is really the best Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi or not. In addition, it will also give you an idea of his/her experience in this field.

So, that is all about the method of hiring the right Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi for your wedding day. Spending a short time on the internet can help you pick the best option amongst all.

How to choose the best Makeup Artist in Delhi?

Wake up and Makeup, put your best self forward at each event! Would you subtly like to blow some people's minds as you cruise by? Your perfectly lovely look is only a Best Makeup Salon away! Delhi is the style capital of India and the interest for makeup artists here is continually rising.

On the head of it, on the off chance that it is your wedding, we are certain that you would need to take a look at the best form of you by completing your makeover by the best makeup artist in Delhi. Get your look prepped by experts who utilize the best quality items. Be it a Cocktail, Sangeet, Mehendi, or wedding, you should simply investigate the list of most requested makeup salon in Delhi with Queen in Style! Book an arrangement at one of the recorded makeup parlours and guarantee that your exceptional day is significantly more extraordinary!

Queen in Style is the Best Makeup Artists in Delhi, only for you. You needn't bother with motivation to look great; regardless of whether you are preparing for any event or not.

A Makeup Artist has a significant impact on deciding the genuine magnificence of yours and works their best to make you watch excellent and connect from society. So have you chosen one or looking for the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi or Gurgaon, If you haven't chosen at this point, at that point this blog will going to be useful for you.

There is a wide range of reasons, which legitimize why you should employ the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi, Gurgaon including:

Firstly- Photographs decrease your look to a 2-dimensional view so it takes preparing to tone, framework, and features a face accurately. A capable Makeup Artist in Delhi, Gurgaon won't just see how to make you look heavenly yet in addition realize how to do makeup for the camera.

Secondly – Party Makeup Artist in Delhi, can feature your best focuses just as moulding any weaknesses. Likewise, they additionally realize how to set your eyebrows to best edge your eyes. Do you realize that utilizing an establishment with SPF can make you appear as though a zombie in streak picture-taking? In the event that not, at that point you should think to leave your Wedding Makeup to an expert.

Thirdly- Delicate features with shapes can doubtlessly have a significant effect on your makeup. Need a smaller face, sparkling skin, or higher cheekbones? You simply need a master who comprehends what they are doing.

Fourthly - Professional makeup specialists play out the art of makeup consistently and have taken a shot at bunches of different faces and apply different strategies and applications. In the event that you haven't read legitimate makeup procedures, at that point, you may not be getting the best outcome. Along these lines, recruiting a makeup artist will empower you to look gorgeous on your special day.

Ultimately Just in light of the fact that you have somebody who sees how to do makeup doesn't imply that she will work admirably. Evidently, she will have numerous intentions to prepare herself for that day, and your makeup can hurt on the off chance that she can't focus on doing your makeup completely. Yet, a Makeup Artist in Delhi, makes it her business to guarantee that the lady is the most interesting and charming face of the day.

Ishikka Jolly is an expert makeup artist expanding marriage makeup services in Delhi and Gurgaon. With more than 10 years of involvement with the makeup business, she's certain to coordinate your internal excellence and let that glow your face.

5 tips on picking the right bridal makeup artist in delhi for your wedding

Everyone wants their big day to go easily. Beautiful hair, gorgeous skin and frame, captivating dress, and a classy setup. But just how do inventive brides select their Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi for their wedding day? We spoke with many brides and came up with a list of common concerns. These 5 tips will help you make the right choice, and we're not discussing about your other half.

1. Start early

About seven months earlier to your wedding, start making note of makeup artists and their performances. If you've recently visited a wedding and you liked the makeup style on the bride, ask for the name of the makeup artist and do some analysis on their portfolio to assess whether you like what they do. Also beneficial is creating a mood board that describes the looks that you like.

2. Reviews matter

Every Makeup Artist in Delhi has a record, and it gives to read reviews given by prior clients. Join and see comments posted on bridal forums to get a sight of who's who in the bridal makeup industry. From there, you can choose the top makeup artists that you'd prefer to talk more with or also choose for your wedding day.

3. Try it out

Ask if the Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon can do a trial session. After all, your skin is just as essential as your wedding day and you would want to be in the care of those who know their stuff.

During the trial, take photos of the makeup looks you like and share all your choices so that the makeup artist can get a sight of what you want. Program a whole day shoot, both indoors and outdoors. This way, not only will you see how well the makeup serves in real life, you'd have it on print as a reference. This can be particularly helpful so that your makeup artist can choose on the type of foundation to use for your photoshoot during the wedding day.

4. Examine their products

Some Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi likes to stick to a particular kind of makeup. If you dislike the fragrance or texture of the product, it helps to discuss exchanging them for some other products that you prefer. If you have particular skin concerns and can only use a restricted number of products, remember to consider this in your shortlist as well.

5. Don't forget about your hair

Your wedding look is unfinished without styled hair, and here's a helpful tip a bride shared with us: it helps when your Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi and hairstylist can work well together. If your makeup artist is duplicating up as your hairstylist, it will be a good approach to check out his or her hair collection too, to make sure you like the hairstyling as much as you like the makeup style.

Tips to finding the right Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi for your wedding

All the girls look forward to there wedding day and naturally want to be looking at her very best when she walks down the way. Makeup artists play a huge part in making brides look impressive on their wedding day. So if you want the precise bridal makeup look, you should think of hiring an expert Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi to get the job done.

Trained and skilled makeup artists have expert knowledge of looks that will enhance your physical features and personality. They will also help you create an impeccable look that will be suitable for your wedding day. Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon also knows how to consider parts such as humidity and lighting when using makeup. They make sure brides look perfect during the event whether in person or in photos.

To find a Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi who will help enhance your beauty follow the tips below. Do Your Research

The first step is to find every makeup artist in your area. You can do this by exploring online or browsing through bridal magazines. Narrow down your choices by evaluating the makeup artists that you think matches your needs and wants. It's also a good idea to ask friends who have newly married for referrals.

Organize a Consultation

Once you have finalized your list, you should try to set up some meetings with the Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi to discuss their services, packages, and professional fees. Some makeup artists are also ready to do trials for free. Trials are a big help when finding the perfect makeup artist because you can examine out the look you wish to get and see if you are happy with the makeup artist.

View Their Portfolio

Asking to view the makeup artist's portfolio is also a smart choice. The makeup artist's portfolio will be full of pictures of all the brides they have worked with in the past and will give you a suggestion as to their wedding makeup style. Take a careful look at the more precise details and note down the added techniques that heightened the bride's features.

Enquire About Packages and Discounts

Most Makeup Artist in Delhi offers great discounts for brides who opt for a full makeup package. Take the time to talk to them about your requirements and budget and don't be afraid to negotiate. If you explain your requirements and budget upfront, you are more likely to get a better deal.

After finding your perfect makeup artist, sit down with them for a thorough conversation about the kind of look and hairstyle you would like to create.

Choosing the perfect makeup artist to do your bridal makeup is essential because they will be necessary in ensuring that you get the perfect look for your wedding day.

Preserve your special pictures by hiring Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon

Marriage is the most valuable day you have imagined since you were young. Have you always assumed how you would look on your wedding day, are all of your desires are coming into the right place? Have you lastly found tour ideal wedding dress and the place you have always dreamed of swapping promises with your first-person? How about your hair and makeup? Hire Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon if you are concerned about that. We travel to any location within the country's capital and our specialists are even ready to drive along with you.

Do you want to look special on your wedding day? Did you consume a lot of time choosing out your wedding dress, ring, shoes, and accessories and you just want everything to be precise? Hire a Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi will create your look. We are here to make you look excellent in a unique event. Bridal makeup is unparalleled compared to other events as a bride has to look her best and her makeup should bring other's concentration towards her. Our Makeup Artist in Delhi services can improve your beauty while keeping your natural beauty. Don't worry about the costs, we offer budget-friendly packages for our esteemed customers.

How Can We Help You?

It is important to look attractive during marriages as it makes your face more cameras friendly. You may look blotchy or varying the makeup is not so good or not as per expectations. Even a pretty face can lose its beauty if the makeup is not done accurately. Hiring a Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi can make your face shine so that your wedding photos can hold that beautiful face always is important. You can have big bright eyes with full pleasant lips and a dainty nose on your marriage day.

Why you need to accept us for your make up requirements is, we use only high-quality makeups to bring out your true value in your face we consider your face and prepare possible highlights and checks before performing anything on your face. Our bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon assures that certain facets of your face are highlighted and any shortcoming is toned down. Don t worry about your look on the marriage day as we will make you stand out like a positively on your big day by using makeup that suits your face and the theme of your wedding.

We let you know the value of right make up

You'll look and feel appropriate. On the day of your marriage, you may be so nervous and upset that you may be too excited to apply on your own. We are your Makeup Artist in Gurgaon who will make sure your makeup stays beautiful and fresh during your marriage. The look that we create will greet your personal taste and your style. The factors such as photography and lighting effect and how your makeup will be considered before testing with anything on your face. Come out of your stresses by hiring us as you didn't need to do the work on your own. Just call us and our makeup artist in Delhi will come to you.

Find The Best Freelance Makeup Artist In Delhi For Bridal Makeup?

Whether it is a Wedding or a Party, Makeup Artists are required to give the most attractive and handy looks as per their face. Every girl requires to have each and everything on time on her wedding, whether it's about her outfits or makeup, this is the time when makeup artists come to give you a enhance makeup look. It requires time and struggles to find Makeup Artist in Delhi. There are many competent certified Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi, who can help you to achieve the more effortlessly charming looks.

Things to have in mind while choosing a good Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi:

Makeup Budget:

The first level of deciding the right Makeup Artist in Delhi is to set your makeup budget. That will surely narrow down your research about makeup specialists. But keep in mind with a lower budget then you may get low-quality makeup services and product which is used for your makeup.

Get a local Makeup Artist

It shall be the most authentic if you can get the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi close to your locality or your wedding venue. This will save you time and any other problem.

Queens in Style is one of the best makeup artists and you can choose Queens in Style for your wedding or party event but be sure to make an early booking for availability.

Check the work of Makeup Artist

After selecting some names of Makeup Artist, you can review their work or read the reviews about them. This will get you thought about the makeup artist's fame and work.

One to one with Makeup Artist

After all the above methods, it comes down to meeting with a Makeup artist you want to hire. Get a conversation with the Makeup Artist about what look you want for your marriage or an important function. This will get you to know the makeup artist personally.

After following all these tips you will surely be able to find the right Party Makeup Artist in Gurgaon for your big day.

Makeup Techniques

Various Makeup Artists will use various makeup techniques. You should go with the techniques which you want and are suitable for your skin type.

Queens in Style provides all kinds of Makeup services, which is lightweight, well blended and on very demanding nowadays.

Queens in Style is a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon extending Bridal makeup services. Their makeup artist is assured to direct your inner beauty and let that glow on your face because of their experience in the makeup industry.

To keep updated with makeup and any skincare tips, follow Queens in Style the best makeup artist.

Best Bridal Makeup Ideas of 2020

Big Indian marriages are all about beauty and charm. Whether it is the experience or the styling of the bride and groom, everything emits visible richness. But most importantly, it is the bride who takes the play with her looks. Besides her beautiful outfit, the bride also needs to look on the spot with her makeup. And only a proficient Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon can do it.

We bring you the top bridal appearances trending this year.

'No makeup' look:

Today, brides are bending towards a more au naturel look by having it minimum but notable enough. It uses naked and different color shades with minimum makeup to give a simple yet perfect glow. Though simple, the minimalist look needs any prepping. You need to hold your skin fresh and simply happy by moisturizing and cleaning. Also, use under-eye gels periods prior, to keep the full eyes and dark circles at recess with the help of Makeup Artist in Gurgaon.

The Modern look:

The modern-day bride is all on doing bright and elegant, which comes out great in this look. Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi concentrates on bold eye makeup and striking lip color, while the bottom of the makeup can be easy, thus setting out the courage. This look is very comprehensive and works for all occasions from cocktail parties, reception, and also for the big day.

Lighted Matte-Finish look:

The Lighted Matte-Finish look is not limited to your social occasions or specific events but can also become the look of your life. A mixture of a bright and matte finish by Makeup Artist in Delhi, it makes your skin look natural yet perfect. It uses special products like a bright primer used on a matte justification base.

Shimmery look:

This complex metallic look is quite in trend today. It uses sparkle eye shadows and a touch of shimmery blush and highlighter, to give an exciting result, but very understated. There was a time when bridal makeup would be all about the influence of colors on her face, making her reach out from the rest. But not so much anymore. If you are on your way to growing a bride-to-be soon, these ideas might help you complete the look that you want to accomplish, without all the tension.

These were some of the makeup looks you can choose from but more important than this is to find a Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi having formal training who can convert your choice into reality with her magic wand.

Winter care for your skin, hair, and nails by Ishikka Jolly - Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon.

Wondering how to take care of your skin in winters? Get rid of the dry skin by just following the simple and easy tricks :

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water let your skin feel alive. Set a reminder or just grab your bottle along with you always so that you don't forget to sip your water at regular intervals.

Keep yourself moisturized with an oil-based moisturizer, moisturize your skin with pure coconut oil when at home.

Avoid using chemical loaded soaps and also avoid extremely hot water baths which may cause more dry skin, use lukewarm water instead. Always remember to moisturize your skin just after you take bath.

Add fruits and veggies that contain lots of water to your diet - cucumber, celery, etc., also include vitamin-rich veggies like carrot, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes which are rich in beta carotene.

Intake of citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C, which plays a significant role in collagen synthesis and antioxidants effects.

Apply a mixture of aloe vera gel+Vitamin E capsule for glowy skin, this will also act as a sunscreen for you. Try out a mix of glycerin+Vitamin E capsule for wonderful effects on your facial skin.

You may always rely on the natural facemasks of curd and besan (gram flour) along with turmeric powder for beautiful skin.

For your dry scaly lips you may use Desi ghee or coconut oil to the dead skin.

Tomato scrub: Slice the tomato into half and put one spoon of sugar over it and gently rub it on your face or else the sugar can damage your skin with harsh rubbing. Later rinse it off with water and then you'll see the glowy effect in your skin.

To avoid dryness of your hair you must oil your hair at regular intervals to nourish them properly. Also, use a curd mask/egg white for your hair for an hour so and rinse it off with water, it'll give you a good effect of conditioning your hair.

For your nails you may rub some almond oil or garlic to make them stronger.

It's very important to rinse off your face while you're back home from out and while sleeping to remove the dirt and cosmetics from your face. Do not forget to moisturize your skin with night cream and moisturizer before you fall asleep.

Stay tuned for weekly updates for the easiest and useful tips for your daily routine by Ishikka Jolly - who is a top bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon. Apart from her studio she is a freelance makeup artist too and specializes in bridal, party, cocktail, media, editorial makeups. Ishikka is well versed in makeup and has spent most of her time analyzing the body care routine and has shared many useful tips so far that has shown very good effects. If you are looking for the Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon or Delhi, then do visit our makeup studio Queen's in style, to get the celebrity feel with your makeup.

Top Tips For Perfect Bridal Makeup Look

If you are a bride, then we don't have to tell what your wedding day means to you! We at QueensInStyle will help you to get that look you want for your wedding day! How? Just read this blog for the Top Tips For Perfect Bridal Makeup Look!

Hire a professional bridal makeup artist:

If you are considering doing your own on your wedding day, it is apparently advised not to. It is not that we don't trust your makeup skills, but you are under so much pressure as it is on your D-day, taking on one more responsibility will only make you more enthusiastic and ruin your look. It is very easy to find talented Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi if you know where to look. So be sure you start the analysis months in advance and thoroughly assess them on the basis of their skill, experience, reviews, certifications, availability, etc.

Try out on different looks:

Don't just try a fresh look on your wedding day. Rather, start practicing fresh makeup looks before your wedding to know exactly which one looks best on you. Match it with your vesture, do a trial run, and make sure that your Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi knows exactly what you are looking for. Try different tones, various looks, and a variety of applications before your wedding to know which one will suit you well..

Match it to your skin tone:

The only way you will be able to do equity to your makeup look is by picking the one that complements your skin tone. Discuss with your Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon the look you are going for and ensure that they have the essential makeup to give you the one that matches your complexion. A shade too light can make you look packed under so many lights and dark shades will make you look tired and aged. Therefore, it is very necessary to match the makeup with your skin tone.

Choose flattering colors:

From wedding vesture to your makeup shades, the color you wish to wear on your wedding day can make or break your look. Don't leave certain things to the last minute. The time you have your wedding dress picked out, you should start settling the accessories, makeup, shoes, bag, etc. Make sure that each single of your assistant and part of your vesture complements one another.

Start prep-work early

Wedding aptness is not just limited to your makeup and dresses. There is so much more to it! The cleansing method begins days ahead of the wedding day which includes deep cleaning, body polishing, massaging, hair spa, body spa, etc. All these things collectively help the bride to reveal the natural glow that makes her look special and bright on the day of her wedding.

Make sure you follow all these tips as part of your wedding day preparation to make heads turn when you walk the current red-carpet.

  • Best Makeup Price :

Bridal makeup prices starts from 15000/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories - lenses, hair extensions etc).

Party makeup prices starts from 4999/- onwards, there would be additional charges for the add on services (for example accessories).