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Makeup Trends That Will Define 2021

Makeup Trends That Will Define 2021

Last year has been a silver lining as we have been spending most of our time at home experimenting with things like new recipes, knitting sweaters, creative makeup tricks, baking, and so on. 

Since the New Year brings fresh trends of makeup trends to master this year, so if you’re bored with the usual makeup routine then you’ve landed on the right corner of the internet.

In 2021 vibrant colors and nostalgia gives the major theme, which gives the complete sense, since many of us have spent most of our time watching old TV shows or sketching, doing nail art, and so on during the pandemic.   60s-inspired negative space eyeliner and gorgeous violet smoky eye are two prime examples are that are going to set the trend. 

From glowing skin which is going to less stress in the zoom and the berry-stained lips. The makeup trends are so much of eye makeup (considering the face masks that are not going a little longer), but there’s also a look that covers all the bases. 

Further down there are 6 mindblowing makeup trends that are going to rule 2021

1. Stained lips : 

2020 has been the year, where we’ve mostly covered half of our face with face masks and it has been a tough time for the ones who love to wear bold lipsticks. As the facemasks are not going anywhere we suggest you wearing a red creamy – matte lipstick and dab the extra stain with your fingers for long-lasting lip color and avoiding flaky or dry lips. Use lipstick that has more hydrating formulae that don’t dry up your skin. 

2.  Graphic liners : 

You mostly have seen the graphic eyeliners across Instagram, all thanks to those who have come up with such amazing makeup tricks considering the face masks in mind they have set up this new trend. In 2021, sharp eyeliner is still going strong whether its cat-eye or the 60’s inspired negative space eyeliner. Go for the creamy gel eyeliner with a fine tip, you’ll be able to draw the proper eyeliner, that also won’t smudge or melt off. 

3.  Dolphin skin: 

As the dolphin’s reflective and wet skin  - the bare-faced makeup look is all about a fresh, glowing complexion. Apart from the dewy-highlight, the makeup will be the no-makeup look. Go for the tinted moisturizer with nourishing ingredients that are going to give you dewy, natural skin apart from the outdated shimmery look. 

4.  Purple makeup :

Play with the colorful makeups and sparkle some joy in these days of a pandemic that melts into one.  All the shades give you a very different look but the purple color does magical work. Purple gives you a vibrant and nostalgic look creating a beautiful smokey eye look, it also depends on the texture and the products you use. Cover the eyelid with the powder eyeshadow and wing it out on the outer side and use the eyeliner to define the lash line. 

5.  90’s Liner : 

While this era you feel messy, turning back to those nostalgic makeup trends gets you the much-needed confidence and comfort. So if you’re in such a mood go for the tight 90’s eyeliner. Touch up your face and wear nude lipstick to keep your eyes highlighted. Use a waterproof eyeliner to avoid smudging and long-lasting look also use lip oil which gives your lips a better shade. 

6.  Colorful Mascara: 

You might have seen the trending different shades of mascara all over Instagram. So it has become quite obvious that the different colors of mascara are ruling 2021. Getting few coats of royal blue will get you an amazing look.   

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