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List of Bridal Makeup that is going to rule the wedding season in 2021

List of Bridal Makeup that is going to rule the wedding season in 2021

As and when the years so are the trending makeups that keep changing. Time has gone when the brides used to carry heavy makeup, jewels, etc. Brides of this generation love to keep it very natural, lite and elegant makeovers. Here is the list of makeup trends that we've got you few trending makeups for your bridal makeup for you to stand out and look perfect on your very special day.

Bridal Makeup Trends by Ishikka Jolly - Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon

1. The Glittery eye makeup, makes your makeup complete and gives the proper definition to your look. So, play with your glittery eye makeup and shine brighter on your big day.  Make a wise decision with the color of the glitter that goes well with your outfit.

2. Highlighter, for glowing makeup, use the right amount of highlight to highlight your facial features. Using too much a highlighter could hide your makeup and using less could give you a dull look. So use apply the proper amount of highlighter to your face to give you the natural glowy skin look.

3. Smokey eyes with hot red lipstick, a professional artist knows how to play with subtle smokey eyes hot red lipstick to get you the bold look.  As well as this has been a long time and the evergreen makeup trend is never going to be out of fashion. To slay with your look and win everyone's compliments you should be opting for such a makeover.

4. Making use of the blush tones that avoids you giving you the imperfect or patchy look. Blush tones help you get the natural and glowy look to highlight your cheeks and eyes. A professional artist knows perfectly how to use the blush tones properly to get you a beautiful and elegant look.

5. Making use of the colored eyeliner: Highlighting your eyes with the colored eyeliner has been the trend that gives your eyes the perfect and prominent look. So do not shy off trying the different colors of the liners along with black liners to highlight your eyes.

6. Shimmery eyes with neutral lips, to get the modern bridal look and to avoid heavy or patchy makeup, make a smooth base on your eyes with shimmery eye makeup and neutral lip color for your lips will give you the most natural bridal look. 

7. Nude lips, as this has set a trend in the Bollywood actresses for their bridal look, play with the different colors of the nude lip colors to get you the most elegant and celebrity look for your wedding.

8. Using crystals eyeliner to get the dramatic yet classy look just like Neha Kakkar, to highlight your eyes and stand out with your unique makeup look instead of the liquid eyeliners.

9. Taking a proper skincare routine to get you smooth and glowing skin which requires less makeup and gives you the natural makeover look. So invest in the best skin care products and stay hydrated always.

10. Opting a matt makeup is never out of a trend and it's the best for the brides with oily and combination skin types and this can be worn in any season be it summer, winter, or rainy season. 

11. Making use of the different colors of eyeshadows instead of sticking with the neutral looks will get the unique and beautiful makeover look for the bride. So it's really important that the artist knows to play with the different colors to get the trendy eye shadows to highlight the eyes to get the popping eye look. 

12. Bold lip colors, as the nude lips have set the trend there are brides who love to carry the bold colored lip colors as they last longer, highlight the lips, and gives the perfect bridal look. 

For the latest and trending makeup trends stay tuned with Ishikka Jolly - Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon, she is also a Freelance Makeup Artist who offers her services across the country and specializes in bridal, party, cocktail, HD, media, fashion, airbrush, editorial, etc. For bookings contact 9667028299.