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Top Bridal hairstyle for Wedding

Top Bridal hairstyle for Wedding

It's very important that you choose the right hairstyle that best describes your personality because it's a fact that how much ever expensive the outfit can be or the accessories. So below are a few top trending and the best hairstyles that you can choose for yourself at your wedding by Ishikka Jolly - Best Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi.

 1. Tight bun with Gajra

A tight simple donut bun along with gajra will give you the classy and most beautiful look.


2. Loose fishtail braid

Loose fishtail braid with some curled hair strands left just like that gives you the fun-loving and creative mind look.


3. Long braid

The long hair pleated, and embellished with beautiful gemstone accessories gives the most stunning and royal look for the south Indian bridal look.


4. A bun with roses

A simple bun covered with roses and with some wavy hairstyle in the front will just give you the mind-boggling celebrity look.


 5. A bun with flower mesh

A simple bun with mogra or any flower mesh will also give you an authentic bridal look.


6. Side loose ponytail

A side curled hair ponytail with beautiful accessories worn for the gown will also give you the utter fashionable and classy look for your reception.


7. A rosy bun

Forming rose using your hair is also a new trend and also creating some beautiful pleated/crimped/wavy hairstyle in front sideways.


8. Decor your bun/hairstyle with artificial flowers

It's sometimes hard to get the flowers of our choice or fresh flowers in the market, so you can always rely on some easily artificial flowers available in the market.


9. A loose pleated braid

A loose pleated braid with some tiny accessories or any flowers stuck at different distances all the way long in your hair will also give you the most gorgeous look.


10. Side part your hair and set them free

Side part your hair and some curling of hair at the end with a little hair decor will also add up to your beauty.


11. A swirled voluminous bun

Making your hair curled and forming a bun will give you the swirled messy bun.


12. Form a braid with small braids

Form a tiny braid first and then getting them together to form one single braid with some authentic flower accessories/gajra that are made in markets.


13. French braid bun.

Forming a few french braids and creating a messy bun will also, give you the subtle look.


14. Half-open wavy hairstyle

Forming a pouch on the front and leaving the lower hair curled at the end.


15. Royal huge bun with some flowers.

Use your long hair and make a bigger bun and decor it with some natural flowers to give yourself the royal feel.

 We're going to get you more such drooling makeup ideas for your special days, stay tuned for updates by Ishikka Jolly - Best Bridal Makeup Artist Delhi. She is also known for her Party Makeup, Cocktail Makeup, Engagement Makeup. Come down to our studio Queen's in style to brighten up your special day with beautiful makeovers.