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Pre wedding shoot makeup tips for Bride to be

Pre wedding shoot makeup tips for Bride to be

Every girl and guy loves to freeze their lovely pre-wedding moments and memories for a lifetime and so the most trending event pre-wedding shoot has also become the most important event of a Wedding.

It's really a great feeling to cherish all the beautiful moments that make us happy. But it's always been concerning for all the brides about the makeup they need to wear that perfectly suits their pre-wedding shoot.

To fulfill your dreams Brides to be we've got you the solution for all your confusion for your pre-wedding makeup tips.

1. The beautiful shine and glow

As the days of the wedding nears by all the brides start glowing naturally during this period. For your glowing skin shade your eyelids with light colors and pink lips. Highlight your cheeks and all the facial feature and do contouring.

2. Nude lipsticks and smokey eyes

Nude lips are so in trend and give you the most stunning look with smokey eyes. 

3. Little shimmer and bronze finishing

Do not forget to use a light shimmer on your eyes for your dark-colored outfit or any heavy velvety dresses. Make use of the bronze all over your face as and when required for highlight.

4. Curling 

Curling your hair for your pre-wedding shoot will give you the fine look and also it goes well with most outfits or occasions.

5. Smokey eyes with the gown

Wear beautiful smokey eyes and long eyelashes with a long fairy gown for your pre-wedding shoot. Consider this to be the most important and must look for the shoot.

6. Say yes to a classy black outfit

If you want your pre-wedding shoot to be the perfect shot then the black colored outfit will never disappoint you. Go for a frock or any outfit that best suits you along with some dazzling eyeshades and hot red lipstick. 

7. Red to spice up your love

Red is the color of love, wear red with the winged cat eyeliner giving you the bold look plus add on to beautify your romance, getting you the amazing clicks.

8. Dark colors of lipsticks and a classy outfit

Wearing a classy outfit along with the dark shades of lip colors such as wine, maroon which are long-lasting and picture-perfect. They will revive the beauty of your face although you're dull or tired with the shoot day.

9. Go for some slim tight dress for a hot chick look

If you wish to envy your youth lifetime with your pre-wedding shoot, then go for a slim tight bodycon if you have a slim figure to get you the hot look, with the blood-red colored lip color and straight hair.

10. Indian look

If you're planning for a traditional look or want to opt for a saree then use to blusher. pink lips and a dark eyeliner along with mascara.

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