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How to apply lip gloss perfectly

How to apply lip gloss perfectly

If you are someone who is having a difficult time applying lip gloss, here in this blog you will be getting an idea of how to apply it. Ishikka Jolly is one of the top makeup artist in Gurgaon, here in this blog she is going to highlight some of the techniques on how to prep your lips in order to get a finishing look after you have applied a lip gloss. You should always remember that you should not overdo anything otherwise you might look worst. What you will need to do is to finish first all your makeup before you apply the lip gloss. You can apply a little bit of moisture before you apply the lip gloss. You can spread the lip gloss gently and lightly from the middle of each lip to the edges in a thin even layer. Let us see further in this blog what we actually got for you.

Tips and Tricks To Apply The Lip Gloss

Ishikka Jolly is one of the Top makeup artist Gurgaon, in her beauty blog she is going to give you an idea on how to collect the essential items to prep your lips in order to give a perfect look when you are applying the lip gloss. Follow these blogs and read them, so that you will get a clear idea about everything.

a. Gathering an essential Makeup Tools: When it comes to selecting and gathering the essential tools, you should selectively pick up the most essential items that will work for you. The most essential tools are the facial tissue, lip gloss, lip liner, lip moisturizer, lip pencil, lipstick of different shades, a compact or a contour, and a cotton swab.

b. You will need to exfoliate your lips in order to remove the dead skin tissue. The rough, cracked lips when applied lip colour will not give the smooth look. So you will need to exfoliate it nicely by using the toothbrush, and use it with the sugar so that you can scrub it onto your lips. You will see the results after you have done that, it will give a smooth finishing.

C. Next you will need to moisturize your lips: Once you finished exfoliating your lips the next step is you can moisturize them with petroleum jelly or a lip balm which can make the colour cling onto your lips.

d. The next thing is to choose the best lip colour to apply to your lips: You should make sure that the colour that you have chosen should match properly. If you have fair skin then pick up the light shades, pink or beige colour. If you have a medium-toned you can pick up a rose, or berry colour. If your skin is darker you can either choose a plump, chocolate colour.

e. The next step is to match the gloss, you can pick up the metallic tones for a fun day out with your friends. A lighter shade when you have a lighter skin tone.

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Types of Lip Gloss: How To Determine Its Type

So what you will need to do is to take off the cap of your lip gloss and see that if you notice there's a dipstick with a wand-type applicator on the end, you are using the liquid lip gloss. You can just dip it and apply it to your lips.

If there is a solid stick type applicator, it is a roll-on variety of lip gloss, you will need to rub on the lip gloss gently in a circular motion when applying it to your lips.

The tube lip gloss should be squeezed out a little bit when you want to apply, you can use the tip of your fingers or a lip brush when you want to apply it.


You should always remember that you should apply a lip gloss that will match your skin tone. So while choosing the lip gloss, you should know that it should not be too glimmering as it will not match your skin type, and do not overdo it. And do not lick your lips every time as it will make your lips become dry and rough which will not give a finishing look. So do follow the ideas that have been given in this blog so that you have a bright and awesome look.