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Why you need to use lip liner

Why you need to use lip liner

Lip  Liner is to lipstick what a primer is to a foundation so that you will end up making your makeup look more defined and flawless. Outlining the Lips with a color one shade darker than your natural lip color will make it look instantly fuller and more defined. Ishikka Jolly as one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon in this beauty blog she is going to describe more in detail the use of the Lip Liner when and how it should be applied and how to avoid choosing an undefined color that might make your mouth look crucial and you might end up looking more horrible.

 Use Of A Lip Liner : Pro Tips By Ishikka Jolly

Wanting your lips to look more defined? Do check this beauty blog as discussed by Ishikka Jolly as one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon. There are some key tips for applying the lip liner along with some fun tricks so that the application of the lip liner will look more natural and smooth.

 a. Prep Your Lips

                    The first thing you will need to do is to smoothen the skin tone of your lips and especially during winter you end up having chapped lips from time to time. You will need to exfoliate your lips to get rid of the excess dead cells and then after exfoliating you will need to apply the lip balm. If you have a lip mask at nighttime so that you can wake up in the morning to make your lips look super soft.

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 b. You will need to assess the Lip shape

                    One needs to properly assess the shape of the lip before applying the lip liner. Your bottom lips might look a little bit thicker than the upper lips, so do apply the lip liner accordingly to enhance your lip shape.

 c.  You can trace the lip so that you can apply the lip liner nicely

If suppose you want the upper lip to look more fuller you will need to trace nicely so that it will look more defined and it will look more realistic rather than giving an artificial look. And remember to line inside the lip line rather than outside the lip line. . It is best to choose a nude lip liner as it can give a great base to enhance your lips better.

 d. Applying The Lipstick

                    It should be kept in mind that the lip liner that is to be applied before applying the lipstick should be one step darker than the lipstick color that you want to apply. The lip color should be well balanced and it should not be that the lip will look more shabby, so enhance your lip with a good lip color.

 e. Start To Clean up the Edge of the Lip

                    Once you finish applying the lipstick and the lip liner, you can either use a concealer to clean the edges of the lips or blend it with the brush to highlight the lips. And you can also use a thin precise cotton swab and wipe off the excess color from the lips. 

 f.  Long Lasting Lipstick

                    Sometimes you might be in circumstances where your lipstick never lasts too long and it tends to fade away after some time. So one step you can follow before you apply the lip color is to completely fill your lip with a pencil before you apply the lipstick. It will hold the color longer than before.

 g.   Applying the shiny finish or the moisturize rich formula

                    To keep the color of the shiny lipstick more blended you can do one thing you can apply a natural rose-toned pencil to line your lips then dab it with a concealer all around the mouth and set it with a  loose finish powder before you apply the lipstick.

 As you have seen in this blog you can start following these tips so that you will give your look more adorable and smooth and make people notice you more too with that more defined finished look.