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Points To Recognize Before Booking Your Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Points To Recognize Before Booking Your Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Your bridal makeup artist is one of the most valuable person on your marriage day. You may select a perfect Makeup Artist in Delhi, there are certain things that you should know as a bride before you do the final booking.

You may think – how difficult is it to find the bridal makeup artist in Delhi of your dreams? Trust us, it's not that simple. Just because someone's work looks sensational on social media, that doesn't mean that you can pick them. There are many factors that are included in this process. As a professional Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi ourselves, we decided to give you a few tips on things that you should remember before you book one.


One of the most significant steps to separating out Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi on your list is checking if your budget matches the artist's rates. Every makeup artist has a set rate card for bridal looks, and except you are going for more than 4-5 looks with the same makeup artist, the price is usually non-negotiable. So keeping a 5% buffer, understand what your allowance is for each of your marriage looks and then shortlist your merchants.

Start Your Research Early

Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Gurgaon get booked a year or 6 months in advance in the top season! Much bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon do destination marriages, so they are normally traveling for a day or two pre and post the wedding. Chances are that you might miss your marriage date in this scheduling.

Be Honest

If you have a destination marriage, don't ask quotes of an in-city union and then negotiate. Rates are always complex because of the travel plus the fact that bridal makeup artists do brides on one day when they are in the town.

Meet Makeup Artist in Delhi

We would recommend you to attend the makeup artist before you book them or even take a test with them. Knowing the person personally makes a huge influence on how you gel together. Meeting them would give you a good understanding of their nature, work style and even help you understand how satisfied you will be having them in close confines with you on your marriage day.

Ask For Discounts, But Don't Argue

There is a difference between asking for a discount and arguing. Do realize that if you push too much, the services that you get maybe cut down so there is absolutely no purpose. You can ask for a bulk rate if you have sisters or a bridesmaid getting ready with the same artist – but arguing doesn't seem right.

Check For Booking Amount

Every bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon takes an advance to book the dates that you define. Ask what mode of payment, amount and date that they are attending to close at. That way you can select with all factors in hand.

Your Attention

While you can discuss your looks in detail once you finalize your bridal makeup artist, it's a good idea to explain what you have in mind. If the makeup artist is not an expert in doing a particular look or hairdo you want, you should know that already.

All Details

Before paying the advance amount to your Makeup Artist in Gurgaon, have a contract or a formal official email with everything from deliverables to dates specified in writing. This means if there are any cancellations, date changes or any kind of last-minute stays, you can deal with the financial issues in a professional way.