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Tips for Hiding Your Pimples by Best Party makeup artist in Gurgaon

Tips for Hiding Your Pimples by Best Party makeup artist in Gurgaon

There are numerous products that are available that can act as a concealer for your pimples. But you need to choose it properly as it can damage your skin too. It usually happens that just before your important function pimples might appear on your skin and it is very annoying sometimes. Ishikka Jolly the Best Party makeup artist in Gurgaon will explain some of the products that will help you to hide the pimples on your face. So let us have a look at this blog on how to actually take the steps to hide the pimples on your face.

How do Pimples appear on your skin?

Pimples ad acne can appear on your skin due to some problems. It usually appears when the pores on your skin get blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. One of the many problems in this lubrication process causes acne. It can occur when:

A. Too much oil is produced by your follicles.

B. Dead skin cells accumulate in the pores of the skin.

C. Bacteria build up in your pores. All these problems contribute to the development of pimples.

d. It may also be due to the hormonal changes caused by puberty too.

e. A diet high in refined sugar or carbohydrate can also be a contributing factor as well.

Various types of Pimples

a. Blackheads: These appear in the forehead, nose, chin. These are black and brown in color and the pores stay open and you can see the dead skin cells and dirt in the open pore of your skin.

b. Papules: They are small bumps that are pink in appearance.

c. Pustules: These are visible in the skin surface, they are fluid-filled with pus and are red in color.

d. Nodules: They are bigger in size and can cause pain.

What are the Symptoms of Acne?

There are inflammatory lesions that can lead to scarring on your skin. These includes:

a. Papules which are small, red, raised bumps caused by the inflamed or the infected hair follicles.

b. Pustules are small red pimples that can have pus at their tips.

c. Nodules that are solid in nature and often painful too.

d. The cysts are large lumps that are found beneath the skin that contain pus and are usually painful.

Complications that arise when you hide your pimples with makeup

There are some problems that arise when you apply makeup to your pimples. Pimples might arise because of applying makeup to your skin. The pimples will be irritated, itchy and sometimes a burning sensation can also appear and lead to a new breakout. You can choose the product based on your skin type that does not irritate your skin.

Tips To Use Make up To Hide Pimples

Ishikka Jolly the Best Party makeup artist in Gurgaon, will be explaining more on this blog on how to take up steps on hiding your pimples by using makeup.

1. Cleanse your Face: Use Face wash at least twice a day and exfoliate your skin once a week to remove all the dead skin cells. And remember to be gentle while washing and exfoliating and do not over scrub it.

2. Remove make-up before going to sleep: Remember that you should sleep with your make-up on. Leaving make-up overnight will just not cause acne but also give you fine lines. So do wash your face before going to sleep.

3. Clean your makeup tools: When you use the makeup brush, do remember to clean it and do not use it again and again with the same makeup tools. Clean the tools after every use and wash them with warm soapy water and let them dry up before using them again.

4. Buy the safe product: Stop using harsh chemicals-based make up that can cause a breakout in the first place. Do buy the products that are allergic to your face and do check the expiry date as well.

5. You can spot the pimples by applying the concealer, this will counteract the redness and hide the pimples. Use a cotton swab to get the product out in order to avoid contamination of the product.

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