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Makeup myths busted by Ishikka Jolly

Makeup myths busted by Ishikka Jolly

When it really comes to applying makeup, it has always created confusion like when to apply what. Like take for example the application of sunscreen before and after application of the moisturizing cream and if we talk about the other way the usage of the powder before or after the application of the foundation powder especially for the oily skin. Ishikka Jolly as one of the Freelance makeup artists she is going to describe more in detail certain myths on the application of makeup products. So let us see in detail on this blog.

 Myths and Facts about the Makeup as Dotted By Ishikka Jolly

The application of the make-up products should be taken into much more consideration as to when and how it can be applied because if it is applied wrongly you will, in turn, look horrible and you will end up spoiling your day. So do check out some of the myths on the application of makeup as noted by Ishikka Jolly as one of the Freelance makeup artists in Gurgaon.

a. The application of the Eyeliner should  be lined inside the eyelids

                     The application of the eyeliner should not be lined inside the eyelids, rather it should be lined above the eyelashes and below the eyelashes as the eyes will get infected or it will start irritating and there will be redness too and itching when applied inside the eyelids.  So by doing so your eyes will look bigger in size too.

 b.  Applying of the Lip Liner outside the Lip Line

                     Many of you out there might be thinking that applying the lip liner outside the natural lip line will make your lips look bigger. But the Fact is that it will only make you look unnatural. And Yes! If you want your lips to make them look more fuller use light and glossy lip color and do avoid using lip colors that do not match with the makeup which end up looking devastated.

 c. The Application of the Moisturizer before using the Foundation

                     The main thing here is that it is best to apply the moisturizer first before the application of the foundation. By doing so the moisturizer will be absorbed more in the skin and you will need to wait for a few minutes then only you can apply the foundation on top of the moisturizer s it will be evenly distributed throughout your skin.

Right Order of Using the Skin Care Product

 d. Choosing the correct pattern of foundation for your skin tone

                     Many of you out there might end up choosing the wrong pattern of the foundation while applying it onto your skin and it might not match your skin tone and end up looking duller. So it is best that to choose a color that matches your natural skin tone so that you will not look dark instead if the correct pattern of color is chosen it will your skin look lighter.

 e. The More you pick or buy the Expensive Makeup, the better it will be

                    The fact about this is that if the makeup products are costlier it will only offer extra skincare, so if you tend up buying a kajal pencil of less than Rs 200, do not think it will not worth it, it might do much better too rather than buying a costlier one’s . As everyone is working on making sure that their products work much better while making it.

 f.  Applying of the Glitter Make Up is Only Meant For The Stage

                    Application of the creamy glitter will make you look much better, The fact is that you can apply the glitter makeup even if you want on your weekdays, but you should try to blend it more nicely as it makes look clumsy and end up looking bad and devastating too.

 g.  Stick to your regular makeup routine and Do not Opt for outside the Box

                    You should always try something which is out of the box and do not limit yourself to only one pattern. You can play with the colors but make sure that it matches properly.

          Choosing the right color or pattern is a must while applying makeup..So Do Remember This.