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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Long-term use of make-up brushes is not safe for the skin so you will need to clean it up every now and then. Because if you keep using it, it will create an infection in your skin ad many skin problems might arise. Ishikka Jolly- Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog today is going to describe in step by step How to Clean Makeup Brushes and how often you should be cleaning, she is going to highlight some of the important tips for you all so that you will have a clear idea about it. So do read this blog to know more further in detail.


Step by Step On How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Here in this beauty blog, we are going to list down step by step for you all ladies out there to get a glimpse and do follow it so that you will have a safe make-up skincare routine. So let us see what we got for you.


The First Step is You will need to hand wash the brushes with an anti-bacterial soap or the silicone-free baby shampoo in lukewarm water. You will need to dip the brushes individually in the running water or else you can prepare the solutions in a bowl dip the brushes gently and rub with your fingers.


The Second Step is you will need to hold the brushes under the running water and see that all the soapy solutions are washed off ultimately. Hold it further for 2-3 seconds and swirl it nicely in a bowl so that it will dry off.


Thirdly what you all need to do is once you're done with it you will need to dry it in a towel nicely so that it won't spoil and don’t stack it on top of each other when you dry the brushes. Keep it separately neat and clean.


Why Do You Need To Wash The Make-Up Brushes?

It has been seen in many surveys that have been researched by many experts that they have found that 61% of the women are cleaning their make-up brushes once a month and 22% do not even clean it. Remember that if you do not clean the brushes you will have many skin infections afterward and not only that the colors that you are applying one after the other it won't produce nicely when applied to the skin. 


The three good reasons why you need to clean the makeup brushes is that. firstly is that dirty makeup brushes can wreak the skin by creating damage and produce skin irritations. Secondly, as discussed in this blog if you do not clean the makeup brushes it will not blend your makeup properly when applied. So do clean it properly. Third thing is that if you take proper care of the make-up brushes it will last longer and it won't be spoiled or damaged if kept properly.

Skincare tips by Best Party Makeup Artist Gurgaon


When To Wash The Makeup Brushes

Ishikka Jolly- Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog will be pinpoint when do you need to see the signs that you will need to clean the brushes. So if you have to use the make-up brushes that you do the makeup with powders then 1-2 times a week is adequate to wash the makeup brushes. Next is if you have used the Liquid makeup products so those brushes where you dip in the concealers or the foundations you will need to wash it daily. And yes for sponges you will need to wash it after every use so that they won't harbor the bacteria.


Take these pieces of information with you and start applying them so that you will not be prone to get any skin infections and yes if you find that the bristles are coming out after you have washed the brushes then it is time to replace them. Have a great and safer daily makeup routine with no hazards left behind. Follow the simple rules that you should use the product which have been kept for longer time otherwise you will have an infection in your skin . So do follow the simple rules so that you will have a perfect glow and you will look perfectly awesome .