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How To Apply Blush On Your Face

How To Apply Blush On Your Face

Applying to makeup products like blush should depend on your face tone, the shape of your face. You will need to pick up colors that match your skin tone. Ishikka Jolly is one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog she is going to mention for you all in this blog on certain tips and tricks on how to apply the blush and help you all understand the basics about choosing the right type of blush depending on your skin tone.


Step By Step formula on how to apply the Blush

Ishikka Jolly is one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon in her beauty blog she is going to list down step by step how you can apply the blush and how to choose about depending on your skin tone.


Step 1: Picking up the product which will work best for you: You have to quickly decide whether you will pick up the powder, gel, cream, liquid form of blush you want to apply for, if you have oily skin it is best to choose the powder form and for normal skin, you can choose the liquid form too is ok. 


Step 2: Finding up the perfect shades according to your skin tone: Once you have decided to pick up the product, the next is to know the shades depending on your skin tone. If your skin is fair then a cool pink is usually a great choice to pick up. Then for a medium skin tone, choose a neutral pink, if you happen to have olive skin, choose the peach or else the rose tone.


Step 3: Choosing the tools to apply your blush: Choosing a fluffy angled brush to apply the powder blush tends to look best when applied. If you happen to use the liquid one then you can even use your fingers to blend the product into your skin or you can use the makeup sponge to blend it nicely. 


Step 4: Remember to see the face shape when applying the blush: Check out your face shape while applying the blush that is if:


a. You have an Oval Face shape you will need to apply the blush on top of your cheekbones to lift it up.


b. You have a round shape apply it below the apples of the cheekbones and blend it with the brush or the sponge upwards.


c. You have a square face shape: You will need to apply it on your cheeks by adding more volume to it so that it will look more elegant.


d. You have a heart shape face: Try to apply the blush in a C shape manner going from the top of your cheeks to near to the eyebrows.


Ways That End You Up On Doing The Blush The Wrong Way

 While choosing to apply the blush you will need to see some of the important features that you might end up in doing the wrong thing. In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the important points on letting you know the ways that can end you up doing the blush wrongly.


You might have chosen the wrong color for your skin tone: Sometimes you might have chosen the blush that does not match your skin tone. The goal is to pick up the right shades, you might end up choosing a more bright color for a darker skin tone or you might choose a pale color for the lighter skin tone. So as to discuss in this blog you can go through it once again so that you will understand much better.


You might also end up choosing the wrong formula for your skin, so what you will need to do is decide properly what kind of product you will need to apply depending on your skin tone. You should see whether your skin is oily or you have dry skin and accordingly as discussed above in this blog you should be able to pick up the formula.

Skincare tips by Best Party Makeup Artist Gurgaon




Try to figure out the color shades for applying it on your skin as if you are not able to do so you will end up creating havoc and disaster for your makeup. So do remember the points that were discussed nicely in this blog and do check out the other blog of Ishikka Jolly if you want to know more about different beauty products.