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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair?

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair?

Washing your hair will depend on the hair texture and washing it every day is not recommended. Ishikka Jolly is the best freelance makeup artist in Gurgaon she is going to describe more in detail how you can take care of your hair and when will you be needed to wash it. So shampooing your hair every day will not help as it can strip your hair and scalp which can cause frizz and can fade color very fast. Washing your hair 2-3 times a week is recommended on average. If you think that your hair is too thick and curly you will need to wash it 1-2 times a week.


How To Determine the hair type and how often should you wash?

To determine the hair types it means you should be able to understand the different qualities of your hair that include density, texture, the elasticity as well. Ishikka Jolly as the makeup artist in Gurgaon is going to help you all out by finding the solutions to determine what kind of hair types do you have so that you will be having a clear idea of what to do.


a. Determining the Hair density: So first what you need to do is to part your hair in the middle, you can use your fingers or the comb and separate it into sides, then hold a chunk of hair on one side of the part and estimate the hair density by seeing the strands of your hair, look at the roots and your scalp. If you have a thick density it means you will not be seeing your scalp, next is the medium density if you see some scalp, and yes the thin density if you see a lot of scalps.


b. Determining the Hair Texture: One idea we have for you is to compare your hair strands with the thread. So what you will need to do is to pull one strand of your hair from the middle of the scalp and then you put it in the white paper to compare it with the sewing thread and in this manner, you will be able to get a good idea of how your hair texture looks like. If your hair is thinner than the threaded piece then you can take it as thin hair. If your strands are of the same thickness as the sewing thread then you have medium hair and if the hair strands are much thicker than the piece of thread then you have thicker hair.


c. How To Determine The Porosity: So what you can do to determine this porosity of your hair is to wash first your hair and then gently squeeze the water from your hair by using a clean T-shirt or a micro towel, then you can feel your hair in your hands and if it doesn’t take for your hair to dry it means that it does not retain moisture, next is if it feels sticky as it takes longer time to dry then your hair is retaining more moisture.

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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair Considering All The Points


Depending on the hair texture, the thickness, the oily scalp, and all you will be needing to take into account on when frequently you can wash your hair. So let us discuss more further in this blog.


a. Depending on the type of hair, which means that if you happen to have straight and thin hair it will be needed to wash frequently as compared to the thick and curly hair as thin and straight hair tends to retain more sebum. Ad curly hair tends to be dry. But overwashing is not recommended especially with hard shampoos as it can damage the hair.


b. The use of heavy styling products, for this you will need to get rid of the chemicals when you use by washing the hair when you use it. And it is recommended that you should not use more often hair sprays and all as it can damage the hair.


c. If you tend to sweat more often as sweat can make your hair look very greasy and dirty depending on how your hair texture looks like you can wash your hair and remember to never use the products which irritate your scalp


Take Away: So do assess the condition of your hair before you wash it and it is always recommended to not use hard shampoos and do not shampoo your hair every day. Choose a product that suits you and which does not cause any complications afterward.