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Celebrity makeup ideas by best party makeup artist in Gurgaon

Celebrity makeup ideas by best party makeup artist in Gurgaon

With nearly as compared with most of the makeup artists in Gurgaon, Ishikka Jolly as the best party makeup artist in Gurgaon in this beauty blog she will pinpoint some of the ideas on the life-changing secrets for makeup looks, She has gained notoriety for all her skill works with ideas that she puts on. And now with all the ideas that she has in her mind, she will be putting up on this blog for you. So do check out what she really has for you. So get ready to be schooled by the best make-up artist in town.

Tips from the best party makeup artist from Gurgaon

a. Remember to layer the eyeliner: Ishikka Jolly suggests using about the five layers of the eyeliners. So what is suggested is to use a brow pencil and then smudge it with a makeup brush. Next what you need to add is a thin layer of the black pencil right on top but a little closer to the lash line. You can use a colored or a metallic liner on the bottom lids to add a bit of sparkle that can brighten up your eyes.

b. You need to avoid Instagram Brows by filling in the ends: It’s all about enhancing the natural shape of the brow. You can use a pencil to fill in the ends of the brows while leaving the inner corner mainly untouched. You should make sure to brush hairs up and down which the spots need more attention. Then you can add a layer of dark shadow to give the brows their fullness.

c. You need to reverse the contour on the darker skin tones: Ishikka Jolly suggests skipping the dark powder altogether and selecting the lighter shade of foundation to reverse the contour. She suggested that applying a highlighting color on the jaw underneath where the normal color would get a similar effect. It is suggested to see that a contour on very fair skin can look overdone if the shade is too dark. So you need to look for a powder with a good tone rather than choosing a bronze color.

d. You need to scrub the lips with a toothbrush before you apply the lipsticks: Surprisingly, Ishikka  Jolly recommends that sometimes using liquid lipstick to get a velvety appearance and to avoid a cracked finish when applying makeup.

e. You need to clean the make-up brush with baby shampoo and the tea tree oil: Ishikka Jolly Suggest that the makeup brush has to be washed before use. So do choose a baby shampoo like Johnson’s baby shampoo with a few drops of the tea tree oil to disinfect the tools brush before applying the makeup on your skin.

f. Be careful when choosing a foundation for your skin: If you have to pick the foundation shade for your skin. See that you click a few pictures in the natural daylight as well as other lighting conditions before you can finalize the shade of your skin. This will offer you the best final picked-up products that will match your skin forever.

g. You need to apply the thin cream before applying the concealer: Ishikka Jolly believes that the right formulas can be the key for concealing the area especially on the dark pigmentation. You should pay more attention to your eye cream. Remember that before applying any concealer you should first apply a good eye cream and then use any concealer therefore that can seal in the concealer.

h. You need to wing it right: Ishikka Jolly as the best party makeup artist in Gurgaon in this beauty blog she has revealed suggest that to keep your eyes wide open, you can draw the angular wings on both sides, and then you can shunt one of the eyes to connect the wings to the lash lines.

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