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5 Make-Up Tips Every Bride Should Know

5 Make-Up Tips Every Bride Should Know

What's On Your Big Wedding Day! There's a lot to be considered when you are choosing a good makeup artist to do your makeup on your big day. You may have chosen yourself to do so, so whatever it is you will need some ideas on what essential tools to be included. You will need to see the weather condition, whether the marriage will be happening outside or inside the hall. So Ishikka Jolly as one of the best bridal makeup artists in Gurgaon, in her bridal beauty makeup blog, is going to make things much simpler for you all. So let us check out this blog to get more ideas.

Meet The Expert: Make-Up Tips and Tricks for Every Bride

Ishikka Jolly is one of the best bridal makeup artists in Gurgaon, she has got some of the easy–to–follow tips and tricks on how to do bridal makeup so that you can slay on your wedding day.

1. The Very First Thing Is to Get Yourself Time: Give your me time just a week before your wedding if you are planning to do your makeup on your big wedding day. So, do practice it nicely before the actual wedding day. Do relax and not be anxious so that everything will run smoothly and you will ultimately have a glowing look at your big event.

2. Do Prep Your Skin: The first thing when you wake up in the morning before your wedding. you will need to prep your skin nicely. You will need to hydrate and pamper your skin, apply a lightweight hydrating moisturizer on your face and do hydrate your under eyes too. Do not apply a very oily face lotion as it will make your skin oily and greasy, you make sure that you choose the right face lotion just to hydrate your skin.

3. Testing: You will need to figure out what kind of colour contour would you like to pick up. So for doing this, you will need to look into what kind of make-up look you will want whether a smokey eye or a cool-toned one, and it depends on the weather condition as well. Pick up the false eyelash and see whether it will work or not before you put it on your eyelids.

4. Do Apply The Primer: You should know that you should apply the primer before you do your actual makeup. Doing so will last longer, as primer helps to smoothen the appearance of the skin.

5. Do Choose a waterproof eye Make-up: You can escape from allowing your joy and excitement to let out, you might be bound to shed a few tears. So you should choose waterproof eye make-up so that your eyes won't be stained with all the makeup which might make you feel bad.

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One Fab Day: Prep Your Skin Before Your Big Event

Here we are going to highlight some of the major points to prep your skin before your big wedding day.

The first thing you should be keeping in mind is to hydrate yourself by drinking more water, believe us, it works! Drinking 1.6 litres of water a day will help to improve your look. The next thing you should be doing is to carve out some of your time for relaxation, do not stress out so much as it can have a bad effect on the skin. And yes! get plenty of sleep and eat veggies rather than a carbohydrate diet. This will bring out a lot of benefits for your skin and it will help to glow.


When it comes to preparing ourselves for our big event, we have to become a little bit cautious. So do read out the blogs and get yourself ready to slay on your wedding day with the glow on your face. Do not indulge in things that can ruin your big events, so do choose wisely and cautiously.