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How To Get An Even Skin Tone

 How To Get An Even Skin Tone

Getting an even skin tone is what everyone wants, it just takes the right product and skill to make it right. Getting an uneven skin tone means the overproduction of melanin which produces hyperpigmentation which can produce a bad shade. You will need to apply it in the right manner and for this Ishikka Jolly, one of the best makeup artist in Gurgaon will describe to you more in detail the process of how to get things done easily. So do check more in this blog if you want to know more in detail and you will avoid having age spots, and blemishes that can ruin your looks.

 Why uneven skin tone and how we can prevent it?

There are many factors that can make your skin tone uneven and it will provide scar marks that will cause a problem for your looks, sun damage can produce skin discolouration, which can have a lasting effect. What you will need is to choose a product that can help your skin to become good and free from any damage. There are many factors that can damage your skin.

 a. Use of expiry date product can eventually hamper the skin and can produce blemishes and all.

b. Not using sunscreen can make your skin become dark and can produce more melanin.

c. The use of a product that does not suit your skin can make you become ageing.

d. When exposed to the pollution particles and gases from traffic-related air pollution that can cause dark spots.

e. If you do not get enough sleep this can cause a problem with the skin and there might be a dark circle.

Easy steps to apply foundation for flawless look

 How To Treat the Uneven Skin Tone

To treat the uneven skin tone, Ishikka Jolly- best makeup artist in Gurgaon is going to help you all out to treat your skin tone and to overcome pigmentation and all. So let us see more in this blog. Make sure to exfoliate and polish the skin, this will help to get rid of the dead skin and when you will apply the moisturize the skin it will work effectively. You should always try to moisturize the skin even if your skin is oily to prevent early ageing. Make sure to always use the SPF cream as it will protect from skin pigmentation and darken the skin.

 Steps To Get An Effective Skin Tone

You will need to follow the simple steps of how you can effectively make your skin tone evenly and so we will discuss more in detail in this blog.

 a. Use a Primer: Choose the right kind of primer that can help to create an even skin tone, by applying the primer you can get a good base on your skin which will prevent your makeup from fading fast. Use a gentle primer so that it will not affect your skin.

 b. Add the right colour corrector: So you will need to choose the right colour corrector that can cover your pigmentation and dark circles. The green colour helps to neutralize redness, the yellow mask will cover up the bluish spots.

 c. Apply a good foundation so that it will give a good finish to cover and give the natural skin tone.

 d. Conceal any remaining spot that matches your skin tone and texture and remember to use a makeup blender to give a good finish to your makeup.

 e. After all, you lock in the makeup with the setting spray so that it will last longer.

All the dark spots are almost not easy to just make fade away, they will need a good shade of concealer to cover up. Some dark spots are very stubborn to cover so you have to use a good colour shade to cover up and do not use products that are already expired so what you will need to do is to use selectively the products and do not mix many makeup products at once it will damage your skin and it will be hard for you to cover up the damage later on. When you will choose a product, you should not just select the product that irritates the skin, so wisely you should choose it.